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Life In Intel Taiwan: From the perspective of two new-hires

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Taking on a new job is arguably one of the most daunting junctures one will encounter in life. The possible permutations of success or failure are countless, and the stakes are often high. But at the heart of it is the promise of change—and therein lies hope. Hope for new opportunities, growth, and lessons. There is a quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes that reads, "A mind that is stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions." In this Q&A, we speak to two new additions to the Intel Taiwan family to understand how they're settling down.

From working as a clerk in a bank to working with engineers in one of the world's biggest tech companies, Rita Chen's journey has been quite an adventure. She started in the banking industry but felt the pull of Taiwan's booming and exciting tech landscape. Wanting to grow in a faster and more challenging space, she decided to further her studies in Business Administration. She started at Intel as a Technical Program Manager late last year and is now onto her second role as an Engineering Manager.

Samwise Tsai joined Intel five months ago as a System Manufacturing Engineer, a move inspired by his daughter's birth and marked by a return from a three-year stint with another tech giant in Shenzhen. From working long hours to flying across the globe for work trips, he's in the midst of a complete paradigm shift—and is now in pursuit of that sweet spot between career and family.

Tell us what you enjoy about your current role.

Samwise: Currently, I spend most of my time on the Chromebook project, specifically onboard testing, and validation. It's new territory for me, and I'd say the best part of it is a combination of learning new things in a nurturing space while having the time and flexibility I need to spend with my daughter.

Rita: I've always been passionate about personal development and working with people, and this new role allows me to do just that. I love listening to and helping others and this role enables me to help them with roadblocks and inspire my fellow employees to be their best at work.

What’s one thing you appreciate about your journey so far?

Rita: I appreciate how the top management communicates their thoughts and strategies with the company. It's done in a very open and inclusive manner, which is very helpful, especially for new hires. They get a better sense of the environment and big picture, which helps them step into their roles better.

: It would have to be my manager. In the past, I've seen managers who are often afraid to lose their talents, and they somewhat operate in fear. But here, my manager encourages me to learn as much as I can and gives his assurance that he won’t stop me from pursuing new roles and opportunities within the company, should they arise. I value this open-minded, learning-driven, encouraging atmosphere, which is crucial to a healthy working environment.

Do you have a message for those considering joining the company?

Samwise: Looking back, I didn't have a clear picture of what I was meant to do. But what I've learned is that if you do something and give it your all, opportunities will come to you, and they will bring about new opportunities to learn and to grow. And also, while the work you do matters, the place you work is equally important. Working at Intel has allowed me to find a work-life balance that suits my needs.

Rita: What I love about being here is that regardless of background and qualifications, people have a chance to do different things as they go along. It's an environment that encourages diversity. I might not have a strong technical background, but I've been given the opportunity to learn and contribute from a different perspective. It's equally important to do what excites you and to do it with integrity.

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