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Life at Intel India - Memories to cherish!

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It’s been a journey of more than two years since I started at Intel, straight from the environs of college. Time really flies by when people are genuinely happy; it tends to drag its feet lazily when they are sad as if mocking to accentuate the sadness. When I read the comments of employees (as they celebrate their service anniversaries) in the business group newsletters, I am struck by the fact that most people find time elusive and hard to grasp. Caught as I have been these two years in this happening world, I can only echo them. As I look back, it makes for a beautiful neat collage. As I try to describe it, I’m hard pressed to come up with the right words that would articulate the right degree of emotions, joy and the odd turbulence, but I will try.

Talking to my friends who work elsewhere, the common thread that I can discern is that a lot of emphasis is placed on the values and ethics here. Intel values encompass all aspects of an ideal work culture, and they form the guiding light for all of us. I can always relate to these six neat little gems and see where exactly on the ladder of each value the team I am part of is in.

The amenities at the site such as the shuttle that is always on time (our shuttle driver prides himself on discipline, I hasten to add), every care is taken to make employees’ lives very comfortable. Very few campuses are as huge as ours and boast of well maintained lawns. Even fewer in number are those that have a ground and separate volleyball, basketball and tennis courts.

The Sparsh team – responsible for a wide range of employee welfare programs and initiatives - at this site has been instrumental in making sure that innovation is always around the corner. I, myself, have taken part in tennis ball cricket, rural sport fest and a poetry competition this year. These events serve as occasions to meet fellow employees from other groups at the workplace and help widen the network. It delights me to see the queue of employees at the vegetable market every week!

The kinds of opportunities that an employee gets to indulge in his passions and develop his skills in the same breath are plentiful. For example, the speech club at the site – an initiative of a few enthusiastic employees about two years back – has helped me hone my presentation and speaking skills apart from providing a chance to interact with people from other groups. A very supportive communications team at the site has encouraged me to contribute to the site newsletter whenever I am able to and their several inputs have helped me evolve gradually in this aspect.

The management team is very open to listening to employees, which no doubt has played a pivotal role in getting us the second best company to work for recognition. I was elated when I got an invite to have lunch with the Intel India site president – Mr. Praveen Vishakantaiah - along with a group of fellow joiners sometime back. To hear the president of the site talk with so much passion and verve immediately rubbed on to the employees. Being very receptive and open to suggestions and improvements is an ideal sign of a very responsive leadership team.

But the real reason Intel rocks–the people. Each and every person I have met with has been very eager to share his or her knowledge with me, been very keen to listen to my viewpoints and that has helped me learn and adapt continuously. This goes a long way in giving employees a sense of belonging and in keeping commitment levels high. I believe we will continue to be a top workplace of choice as long as the people are consciously striving to live up to the image we have built, keeping in mind the values they stand for.

This is how life has flown by so far at Intel. It is the place to be for every person who wants to experience challenging work and have some fun alongside!
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