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Looking ahead to returning to our global sites

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This blog was posted on behalf of Darcy Ortiz, vice president and general manager for Corporate Services at Intel Corporation.



Over the past weeks and months, many Intel personnel have continued to work safely at our sites in order to keep our critical on-site operations running. However, most of our global workforce has been working from home.

We expect to continue our work-from-home policy for some time to come. However, Intel’s Pandemic Leadership Team is looking ahead to develop plans to safely and gradually enable our broader workforce to return to our sites around the world.

Our top priority will remain providing a safe environment for all our workers, recognizing the different needs and situations of each location and site.

Each site’s approach and timeline for enabling additional workers to return will depend on local government regulations, community case trends, and recommendations from local and international health authorities like the World Health Organization. For example, our teams in China have already begun reopening their sites in accordance with government guidance. Elsewhere, it may be weeks or more before we can proceed.

To continue to protect worker safety and minimize the risk of disruption to existing social distancing achieved within our essential operations, our plan will proceed in phases at each site. We will gradually allow additional workers to return to working on-site while social distancing and other safety measures would continue.

For now, only workers performing essential on-site functions to support our critical business operations will continue to report to work at our sites.

This experience has fundamentally shifted the ways that many of us think of work, whether it’s at the office or from home. Our plan will take this into consideration, and we expect that flexibility will be needed for the foreseeable future as our workers manage family and other issues arising from the pandemic.
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