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Meet Ho Thi Thu Uyen - Public Affairs Director for Intel Vietnam and Malaysia

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The following blog is part of a series focused on Women Leaders in Intel Vietnam.

Intel Products Vietnam has gone through many amazing milestones and has achieved great success thanks to the contributions of all our people.

In this series we spoke with seven female leaders of Intel Vietnam, acknowledging and celebrating their contribution and achievements in their career. The series also shares the leaders’ thoughts to encourage and inspire women to pursue their dream career and take up more leadership roles.

Meet Ho Thi Thu Uyen


Uyen is the Public Affairs Director for Intel Vietnam and Malaysia. Global Public Affairs is a group within Corporate Services, their mission is to fuel Intel’s future by enhancing its license to operate, growth, and reputation through external engagement, leadership and innovation.

Uyen joined Intel in Sept 2006 as a senior manager supporting the start-up of a mega factory project. This was a successful milestone for Vietnam in building the high-tech industry. “We helped the company go from empty land to the state-of-the-art assembly test factory,” Uyen says. Personally, Uyen wants to see Intel in Vietnam succeed, not just to create jobs, but to continue growing technology and knowledge-based development. She’s noticed that, “the presence of Intel in Vietnam has shifted the country’s attraction from labor intensive industries to skill-based industries, and tech is one of the primary focuses.”

Uyen is proud of her work and her team at Intel Vietnam, “We have contributed to a significant portion of Vietnam’s socio-economic profile.” She’s accomplished a lot during her career at Intel, including earning an Intel Achievement Award in 2011—the highest recognition by CEO—for building diverse and inclusive talent pipelines in engineering from the factory production. “We provided full scholarships to 113 students studying in the US and Australia,” she says, “This provided a fundamental foundation for later initiatives with the government and academic institutions.”

Uyen remembers when Intel Vietnam celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2017, “We got the honor to welcome Prime Minister Phuc and his delegate to Intel. He praised us, saying ‘Intel’s growth and success is also Vietnam’s growth and success.’” This means a lot to Uyen, “Building trust and close partnership with the government from all levels is not an easy job. Our relationship with the government has enabled us license to operate for factory ramp and expansion, and we have helped the country improve many legislation frameworks.”

Of her experience as a women in tech, she says “I am not a technical person, but I have been supporting and driving many initiatives to narrow down the gender gap in engineering education, which helped the increased goal of Diversity and Inclusion in the supply-demand hiring market. The need for young people with more advanced skills such as automation, instrumentation, and robotics is on the rise. I look forward to seeing young talents at Intel Vietnam to be well prepared for this transition.”

To her female colleagues, Uyen says, “We should not let the gender bias frame a one-sided perception. Make the wisdom, personal values, and professional experiences frame who you are.” Uyen strongly believes that leadership traits can be built without a boundary of gender. “We should make bold decisions to thrive with doable goals. And we will certainly get a seat at a bigger table. Be humble, be kind, be genius and thankful.”
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