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Meet Joy Wang – Staffing Manager for Intel China’s Sales and Marketing Group

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She found Intel’s culture helped her grow her career and raise her family. Now she’s helping hiring managers build diverse and inclusive teams at Intel China. Read her story.

In 2020, Intel was named one of the 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers—for the 12th consecutive year. This recognition resonates with Joy Wang given her own career journey at Intel. She joined Intel as a strategic program manager in 2005. At that time, most of her projects were global projects, which required a working schedule that accommodated both U.S. and European time zones. As a working mom, she worried that balancing her atypical work schedule with taking care of her young daughter would be a challenge. But this wasn’t the case, as Intel is a company that takes care of its employees and helps them successfully integrate home and work life.

Based on her own experiences as a working mom, Joy has no doubt that Intel highly values diversity and inclusion. Now a staffing manager for the Sales and Marketing Group at Intel China, she cautions hiring managers that they should not assume they can blindly hire their way to success, as everyone has unconscious biases that can inadvertently influence the hiring process. To avoid unconscious bias in hiring, Joy focuses on educating hiring managers and encouraging the use of behavior-based interview questions, which is the best way to get an objective comparison between candidates.

At Intel, we believe that if you do not intentionally include, then you will unintentionally exclude—and diversified talent is our most critical asset. Thus, as Joy reminds hiring managers, it is crucial to build diverse teams that bring together broader perspectives for more innovation and better decision-making. Recruiting a diverse team is the first successful step in continuously yielding tangible outcomes, accelerating progress, and driving innovation and growth. That’s why Joy and her team are proud of being professional recruiting agents, always pursuing “win-win” solutions for both Intel and candidates who are looking to build great careers at a company that puts employees—and their families—first.

Learn more about women in leadership at Intel China here. If you’re inspired by Joy’s story, you can explore Intel career opportunities by scanning the QR code to follow intelchinahr on WeChat.





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