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Milind’s Intel Journey: Solving Real-World Problems with AI

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SJ4A0030-scaled.jpgMilind Hanchinmani's journey at Intel began more than two decades ago. An introvert with a degree in computer science, Milind believes that the technology exposure and opportunities he received at Intel played a key role in shaping his career. Today, he is the director of AI Accelerant, leading a team that is enabling customers who are building innovative AI solutions on state-of-the-art Intel architecture. He also represents Intel at NASSCOM and works with enthusiastic startups that are keen on solving complex real-world problems using deep tech.

“I was fortunate to begin my Intel journey building products for the world’s biggest software company alongside highly talented engineers, architects, and technical leaders. This not only taught me to learn about and adapt to unknown tech territories, but also instilled the soft skills and confidence needed to handle a global team and communicate effectively.”
From senior software engineer to director of AI Accelerant

As a senior software engineer, Milind relentlessly worked on several new technologies in uncharted areas. From data center, Android, and IoT to engineering and developer marketing, he accepted every challenge that came his way. He led a team working with several customers across the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region improving performance and scalability of several high-performance computing applications across weather, manufacturing, and life sciences verticals. Milind’s quick technological adeptness and people management skills were soon rewarded with the leadership position for the APJ team.
Creating technology solutions that change lives

Milind has always been keen on emerging technologies that change lives for the better. Owing to this interest, he was soon nominated as part of the NASSCOM Product Council that focuses on nurturing and building India’s product ecosystem.

“I firmly believe that deep tech—essentially AI, security, quantum computing, and so on—will be significantly important to changing lives in India. This belief resulted in founding the Deep Tech Club, where over the past four years we’ve mentored, nurtured, and designed programs for more than 130 startups.”

He is closely working with startups to help them leverage Intel technologies that will help change people’s daily lives. As part of the Deep Tech Club, one startup has developed an application evaluating a driver’s alertness based on eye movements. It was aimed at increasing road safety and reducing accidents due to driver fatigue. Additionally, Milind and his team are enabling an AI-based solution on Intel’s GPU product line, and preparing for the transition towards XPU that promises improved developer experience. “Whether an ISV, service provider, or end customer, we are focussed on understanding their needs and solving their toughest problems.”
Aligning with Intel’s purpose

As a technologist, Milind continues his pursuit of new, emerging technologies that align with Intel’s purpose of creating world-changing technology that enriches the lives of every person on earth.

“Intel is passionate about creating technologies and products that keep evolving and supporting future innovations. As a company that enables your vision and well-being, there is no limit to what you can achieve here.”

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