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My Life at Intel: Malaysia and Singapore MNC Lead Karen Chow Shares Her Story

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My Journey

I was born and bred in Kuala Lumpur. I started my first job in Malaysia’s IT industry with a local IT solution distribution house as a product manager in 1996. During my nine years there, I worked with two U.S.-based multinational companies—Nortel Networks and Symantec—before joining Intel in 2005. Now I manage a team of multinational corporation (MNC) account managers from Malaysia and Singapore that supports our large OEM accounts in country. Throughout my career, I've always been involved in sales roles, as I love working and engaging with people.

My Workplace

Of my 19 years of working experience, more than half have been spent with Intel—which is a clear indicator that this is a great company to work for. Intel has provided an excellent platform for me to grow, both personally and professionally. I've never felt bored at Intel—even after being here for over a decade—as I'm constantly learning new things. Knowledge and technologies at the company never stop evolving. Intel also promotes a culture of work/life balance, which is very important to women like me who want to manage a meaningful career and a good family life at the same time. I have two children now, ages four and six, and I'm still able to be where I am today—managing a team of four senior employees across two countries.

My Inspiration

I’m inspired by the company itself. The reason is that Intel has the capabilities and passion to make a difference in this world. The company keeps illuminating new possibilities and ways to improve life through technology. Being a part of a company that contributes back to society is very meaningful to me. It's what keeps me motivated and eager to come to work every day.

My Life Motto

“You never try, you’ll never know.” I use this to guide me in every single challenge that I face in life and in work. To me, possibilities are endless. Most of the time, limitation is only what you impose on yourself. If you are determined and put up a good fight in everything you do, you will never look back and regret not trying hard enough.

Why Intel

I choose Intel because I believe that the company is capable of making important, positive changes in peoples' lives—and in how the world works—through technology, and I’m proud to be a part of that. If you want to explore yourself and the world, Intel is the best place to start.

-by Karen Chow

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