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My Life at Intel: Sales Director Takako Fujiki Shares Her Story

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My Journey

I began my career with Intel in 1993, and it's been an exciting journey ever since. I successfully established the first B2B ecommerce solution with customers and suppliers in greater Asia, and I've developed a strong Business Management team in Japan. On a personal note, I live with my husband and our 6-year-old daughter. While my weekends are mostly occupied by my daughter’s activities, I always try to find my own time for yoga.

My Workplace

Intel offers employees limitless opportunities for development, to help them fulfill their career aspirations. Being a leader here has given me many great opportunities to challenge myself—and influence my team—to drive business results. I'm also very active in coaching my team to help them grow their skills—all with the aim of making an amazing impact on our business. I'm also proud to have won a number of awards over the course of my career here, including the Division Recognition Award and the President's Award.

Why Intel?

Intel opens up a world of possibilities for its employees. It's a company that allows you—actually encourages you—to go wherever your drive and abilities take you. It's been amazing for me to see this company reinvent itself and expand into so many new technologies over the years—and I'm very proud to have been a part of that. And I'm excited to see all the new ways we'll continue to innovate to make the world a better place.

-by Takako Fujiki
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