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Notes for Frontline Workers

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We asked our employees to send notes of thanks to frontline workers. Here's what they shared...

03-Shaival_Jhaveri_THANK_YOU.png - Shaival Jhaveri

To: The Gallant Firefighters

Each year I hear of the fires that rage uncontrollably at various parts of the country. Each year I hear of the gallant firefighters constantly putting their lives in danger, to ensure others need not do. Each year I hear of the courage and braveness of our firefighters, as they wrestle with nature to help control the spread of devastation across our landscape.

This year more than ever, you put your lives in greater danger due to the Covid19 pandemic. Yet you never waver in your dedication, in your mission, in your care for our safety.

THANK YOU, for constantly keeping us safe!

-Ian Eu Meng Chan

01-card_Debalina-Ghosh-v2.png - Debalina Ghosh

To: The Food Banks

Every time I eat my food on the table, I’m constantly reminded of folks who struggle daily with just ensuring a basic necessity in life – food. Nourishment.

Every time I get “To go” in my favourite restaurants, I’m reminded of the food banks, and all the volunteers and personnel that work to ensure no one goes hungry, no one goes un-nourished.

In current challenging times, food banks play and even greater role to ensure no one goes hungry.

Thank you for all that you do, to help ensure no one goes hungry, that at the end of the day, everyone has a warm meal to look forward to.

Thank you!

-Ian Eu Meng Chan

02-thank_you_card_Chris-Lowrie.png - Chris Lowrie

To: The Hospitals – Doctors, Nurses, Lab Technicians, and everyone that makes hospitals our frontline of defense!

Every single day, you put your life and wellbeing on the line, at risk, to ensure others’ wellbeing.
Every single day, you sacrifice your time and your own priorities, to prioritize the needs of others.
Every single day, you work to not only ensure lives are saved, but ensure the healthiness of others.

Every single day, we owe you our THANKS for all that you do.
Every single day, you deserve our respect and our THANKS for all your sacrifices.
Every single day, you are in my prayers; THANKS for all that you do!

-Ian Eu Meng Chan

04-Thank-You-Picture_Justine-Figuerres.png - Justine Figuerres

To: All the Frontliners day-in-day-out in the hospitals…

Just a simple THANK YOU for all that you do…continuously taking risk to your own personal safety and wellbeing, to ensure WE continue to stay healthy in these challenging Covid-19 times.
I’m still learning and adapting to all the changes now in place in the hospitals, in care-giving, even for simple, annual preventive exercises such as physical check-up and vaccination. Some I like, some I don’t.

But nothing takes away my appreciation for the continuous risk that you put yourself in constantly, to go about your responsibilities in rendering care to patients and ensuring our wellbeing at the same time.

Hence, again, just a simple THANK YOU, and please…stay safe!

-Ian Eu Meng Chan

05-Thank-You_Medical_Workers_Pandemic2020_Kirstin-Kita.png - Kirstin Kita

To: My fellow Intel workers

This the year many of us would like to forget.

It’s the year of Covid19, the year of technical challenges (10nm rings a bell?), the year of new norms (work from home!).

It’s the year that tests our tenacity, our resilience.

It’s also the year, we have proven we can do it – new design wins, new revenue opportunities, new innovations, new successes. Despite the various challenges. You continue to uphold our obligations to corporate and social responsibility. To the environment, to society at large.

Thank you! For your perseverance, for your tenacity, and your resilience. Despite all the challenges, you keep the business running, you keep the innovation flowing, and you keep the creativity sparking.
Thank you. We are One Intel!

-Ian Eu Meng Chan

06-Thank_you_card_Manali-Ghorpade.png - Manali Ghorpade

To: My Fellow Intel workers who come on site each and every day

It’s the year of Covid-19. It’s the year of a radical transformation in how we work, and how we interact.

Many of us have the luxury (yes, luxury) of being safe at home, but some of us still have to go in, go out every day to work on the business premises – managing critical business functions that cannot be supported from home.

To all of you, my fellow comrades, who fall into that category, this is me saying THANK YOU for all that you do, continuing to keep the business running while continuously taking (and managing) the risk from unexpected exposure.

Thank you for your sacrifices, and continue to stay safe!

-Ian Eu Meng Chan

07-Thanks_from_intel_Madhura-Kamat.png - Madhura Kamat

To: The Police

At times of peace, or at times of adversity, you never waver in your responsibility, to keep us safe. At these very challenging times, you continue to uphold the law, and ensure society continues to go about their daily chores without fearing for their safety. You continuously put your life at risk every day, even at these challenging times to our health and wellbeing, because your #1 mission is to keep us safe.

With that, I would like to express my sincerest THANK YOU for keeping me safe. For keeping my family safe. For ensuring that, every day I step out to go about my chores and necessities of life, I can do it knowing I’m safe, and you are here to keep us safe.


-Ian Eu Meng Chan

08-Thanks_Image_Krupa-Shah.png9_.png Krupa Shah

To: The Police

As I go about with my morning “key essentials groceries shopping” rounds, I never fail to see the police from time-to-time, either taking their early morning coffee/bagel break, or doing their usual rounds around the neighbourhood. It makes me feel safe, knowing that in such challenging times, our safety is still being watched out for, and civil structures and the rule of law are still being maintained and safeguarded.

Thank you to all of you who keep us safe, even at such challenging Covid-19 induced times!

-Ian Eu Meng Chan

09-ThankYou_12_20_Addi_Addison-Mercer.png - Addison Mercer

To: All the Educators!

In current challenging Covid-19-induced challenging times, what parents and families worry about, among other things, definitely is with schooling for the kids. Distance learning, or on-premises/school-based, or hybrid, or…..??? These are the questions that constant bombard you, our educators, who have to toil not only to ensure education for our kids continue despite current challenges, but also figuring out the best solution to accommodate everyone (and you can never make everyone happy/satisfied) yet ensuring safety above all else (and let’s not forget safety for you educators too!).

Irregardless of who is satisfied or not with the decisions you make, nonetheless kudos and THANK YOU for all that you do to constantly ensure education continues, yet safety is NEVER ever deprioritized.

I thank you for always listening to us.

I thank you for always being patient with us.

I thank you for always putting yourself in the line of fire, whether it’s in townhalls, or day-to-day schooling.

I thank you, our educators, for your sacrifices.

Thank you!

-Ian Eu Meng Chan

10-win_frontlineworker_ty_Evan-Pandya.png - Evan Pandya

To: The Teachers and School Staff Members, that make schooling possible!

These are challenging times, and as with all challenging times, our patience is tested, our resilience and tenacity stretched to the max. As teachers and school staff members, you are challenged not only as education providers to our young and the next generation, but also as individuals and family members confronted with the same anxieties and concerns like every single one of us.

This letter is to say THANK YOU for all that you do to help ensure not only the safety of our children, but to ensure they continue to receive quality education, as we navigate through all the challenges and new norm – remote/distance learning, teleconference and hybrid modes of learning.

It’s easy for us to complain and to highlight weaknesses and disadvantages in whichever and whatever mode or ideas are put forth by our teachers or the school to navigate around the new norm. However, none of that should drown away the many accomplishments and sacrifices teachers and school staff members have made, on top of their own personal challenges to face, just like every one of us.

THANK YOU for all that you do!

THANK YOU for your patience,

THANK YOU for your resilience,

And THANK YOU for your tenacity!

-Ian Eu Meng Chan

11-win_give_thanks_Mathias-Berglund.png - Mathias Berglund
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