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Opportunities, Challenges and Vision: Kok Swee Sing on Returning to Sales and Marketing Group at Intel

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Kok-Swee-Sing-Photo-scaled.jpgSince his school days, Swee Sing always enjoyed science, physics, and mathematics. Around the age of seven he became interested in the vastness of the universe. Of the countless hours spent in the public library; the astronomy section was Swee Sing’s favorite. His innate curiosity, the drive to problem solving, to search for answers, and create, eventually led him to the field of engineering.

A government scholarship in 2003 gifted him the chance to study electronics and electrical engineering in South Korea, and he soon began a career with the country’s biggest tech company as an R&D engineer. After about eight years abroad, with an opportunity to be part of Intel Malaysia’s pioneering Inside Sales team on the table—he returned home to Penang to begin a new chapter.

“That was a pivotal moment, jumping from a fully technical role into a more sales and people-centric one. It was driven by the realization that I enjoyed talking to people just as much as I do to machines, and I was ready for a new challenge.”
Finding satisfaction that money can’t buy

Fast forward to today, Swee Sing is the Regional IoT Vertical Sales Manager in the Sales and Marketing Group (SMG). His responsibility is to address end customer IoT pain points in retail, banking, and hospitality industries for the Asia Pacific region by establishing the right business model and Go-to-Market (GTM) plan. He is also responsible for scaling the ecosystem partners solution that hits the sweet spot for end-customer business needs.

“Understanding a customer’s problem and having the opportunity to solve it is what I enjoy the most on the job. What drives me is seeing the work truly make a difference. For me, the value of that transcends money—it’s a satisfaction that money can’t buy.”
Put yourself in the right environment

Swee Sing’s philosophy has always been to establish credibility wherever he is—to dive deep, to excel, and make a difference. He complements this with a strong sense of self-awareness: the importance of walking the talk even outside of work, not merely to impress others in the workplace.

From his illustrious journey through multiple industry-leading corporations, Swee Sing has undoubtedly learned a lot in terms of workplace culture and its correlation to career and personal growth. His return to Intel for a second stint was driven by a few major factors.

“For me, it was largely down to having good relationships with my peers and managers. There’s always an abundance of opportunities and impetus to challenge myself and grow. Intel culture champions open conversations, mentoring, opportunities through job-shadowing (GIG), and lateral movement, which I realized is a rare sight in other companies.  Most importantly, Intel also emphasizes the importance of work-life balance. Having experienced multiple career journeys in different organizations, I acknowledge that Intel is the right place where my talent, passion, and vision are all aligned with the organizational goal. That’s the main reason I have decided to return.”
Listen to yourself

Swee Sing also has a message for those who have left and are contemplating a return. “It’s okay to take a break, especially if you feel like you’ve stagnated. It broadens your perspective, allows you to see outside in, and is an opportunity to mature and grow. And herein also lies the opportunity to bring back additional value to the company.

“I’d say it’s the perfect time. It’s such a competitive world and industry now. But as our CEO Pat Gelsinger recently said, ‘we want to be the leader in every category in which we compete’. So, you’ll be joining a company with not just a strong drive but also a clear mission. SMG is also looking to expand its presence in Malaysia now with new job offerings. It is the perfect time to join our big family.”

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