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Opportunities for Non-Techies at High-tech Company

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What do you think of when you meet a student who dreams about building a career with Intel? You’d probably assume he or she is a technical person, working towards a hardware or software engineering degree. You’re only half right. Sure, he or she could be a technical student, but I’m guessing many of you would not think of this person as a finance, marketing or HR student.

Yes, Intel is a technology company but, as new technical innovations and breakthroughs appear, someone has to be responsible for the company budget, hire the brightest talent and help spread the word on how far we have gone in building the future. I’m sure that Intel wouldn’t excel as much as we have without our key support functions.

The funny thing is when I was a student I was too shy to approach Intel’s booth at the local career fair, thinking they are looking only for developers or computer science gurus. The truth is we are also looking for talented non-tech folks. So, my advice to you non-techies out there is to just take the leap and check out what Intel has to offer.

You’ve already taken the first step by reading this blog, why not take the next step and check out Jobs at Intel and apply to our non-tech positions. We also hire students for our internships across the globe during the whole academic year. We welcome finance, marketing, business, economics, HR and PR students, possessing strong communication and teamwork skills. You should be ready to work in a dynamic, fast-changing environment with minimum supervision.

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