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Pay, Stock and Benefits: Health Snacks for Stealthy Hacks

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Sometimes the little things add up to be something not so little. I’m speaking about… free fruit. Yes - healthy snackage is provided for employees at most of our locations.

I don’t know, but maybe this is a little-yet-big thing for me because I remember how it was not that long ago. There were times I worked a bit late and the café was closed. The vending machine stood down the hall, its fluorescent light a siren’s call beckoning me to partake of its overpriced, carb-infused delights. Strawberry pop-tarts were my indulgence-of-choice. I could work another 2 hours simply on that sugar rush, only to crash and find myself counting the change in my pocket again as I thought about another ride on the high fructose corn syrup roller coaster.

It may just be a personal problem. I’m sure that has never happened to you.

In any case, Intel provides free fruit – baskets of it. These days, when my energy is flagging in the mid-afternoon, I strut to the café to grab a complimentary plum or banana or peach. And if I know I’m going to be working a bit late, I quietly grab a second snack for later. I know it’s probably not scientifically possible, but I think I hear those packages of Strawberry pop-tarts in the vending machine weeping as I walk past. I miss them, but not the calories, chemicals, carbs, and crash. That's a lot...for something so 'little'!