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Recruitment Marketing – Candidate Experience Matters

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Candidate experience is one of the hottest topics in recruiting today. Employers understand the implications that both good and bad seeker experiences can have on their employer brand and their ability to attract talent. The talent landscape has evolved beyond that age-old question, “where can I get the right people?” Now the fight to ensure that the right talent prioritizes your positions is taking a more prominent foothold in defining talent acquisition strategies for top employers.

business-guys.pngEmployers today have to strike a balance on how to create awareness, as well as nurture interest and candidate consideration, all while ensuring that the content of their communications is relevant to candidates. An easy way to lose a candidate is to tell them something that they already know, or worse yet, something that that are not looking for in the first place.

According to the job board – Monster.com, the terminology of the candidate experience was originally published in 2011, and offers an explanation of the candidate experience and its important in recruiting.  It's the attitude and behaviors of individuals who aspire to work for a firm, about that firm’s recruiting process, the stakeholders in the process, the work and the company itself as a place to work.

infographic-1.jpg Ever finish reading a website and end up thinking, 'So what now?'

In steps your candidate experience and journey strategy, creating an experience to engage talent with personalized messaging.  Thus you seek to create and maintain a relationship with a candidate before they become applicants or even before they become interested in a specific position.

In the vibrant and tech-hub locations of Penang, Malaysia and Bangalore, India, we spoke to some of our recent recruits in order to understand what drew them to explore Intel despite multiple tech giants being just a stone’s throw away. Most feedback can be summarized into:

  • Company ambassadors. Current and previous employees who have grown in the company and subsequently become advocates of the company’s environment, culture and brand.

  • Highly visible and relatable brand and content. A strong local company presence coupled with platforms whereby candidates can view information that important to them encourages candidates to want to know more. The Intel Malaysia Design and Development landing page is an example of a centralized site to provide details on locally created design innovations, employee testimonials, diversity and inclusion and the ability to join the talent network or search for potential current positions amongst others. The Intel India diversity careers landing page is another platform which focuses on our commitment to and focus on diversity hiring.


  • Recruitment process. Once candidates are open to seeking positions within a company and providing their information - only specific details should be required. Filling out a four page profile with information already contained in your resume when you aren’t even sure if you are actually being considered for a specific position would be irritating to even the most gung-ho candidates. Candidates would also want to know that their application is actually being received and reviewed by a real person. Providing personalized feedback responses and candidate nurturing is part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that our candidates are being kept up-to-date.

Talent acqquote.pnguisition, much like the business that it supports, is always changing to reflect the way we approach modern day challenges. Despite this, fundamentals still remain—being consistent, relatable and caring towards your candidates never go out of style.

Before the internet connected everyone and made information widely accessible, the costs of a poor candidate experience were not necessarily as high. If a job seeker had a poor experience during an interview a decade ago, she would be less likely to apply in the future, accept a job offer, and buy that company’s products or services, an she may also tell her inner circle about the poor experience.

That all still happens today, but social media as well as employer review sites have dramatically expanded the dynamic and size of our social circles. As a consequence, news of a poor candidate experience can travel much faster and further than ever before. Research shows that candidates who had a poor candidate experience are far more likely to tell others not to apply to a company or write a negative review.

On the flip side, a good candidate experience can lead to more (sometimes better) applicants, hires and referrals. It can also result in lower costs per hire and time to fill. The benefits of candidate experience are vast, and this article series will continue to define the candidate experience and discuss tips and best practices that will help you realize major improvements in the near future.

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