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Taking Challenges Head On: An Engineering Manager’s Passion for Creating Excellence in Intel products

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“The ability to impact the day-to-day lives of millions of people through technology is what pulled me to Intel and this industry. Knowing that whatever I'm doing touches people’s lives brings a smile to my face every single day.”

If you ask Indranil, a lot has changed in the last 20 years that he has been with Intel. But change also brings growth and opportunities with it. Currently working as an engineering manager for the Client Computing Group, Indranil has played several roles in different technical areas over the last two decades at Intel.

“Any good company must transform to keep up with the times, and Intel has always been at the forefront of innovation and the future. It was one of the few companies, at the time that I joined, that was making such a big impact on the industry with the products and tech it was bringing to market,” says Indranil.

Starting his stint at Intel in the telecommunication domain in 2001, he soon realized that taking on new challenges is what helps him thrive. From developing software to delivering solutions to the open-source community, Indranil, has taken every challenge from every domain head-on. He has worked as a software engineer, a technical lead, a people manager, and a program manager on various projects. “The reason that I am still here 20 years later is that I never found myself running out of challenges and new exciting opportunities,” he adds.

Currently, he has taken up the task of building an analytics and telemetry team for integration with the global team. “Telemetry and analytics are still at a nascent stage within Intel but it’s starting to pick up and is now being recognized and accepted as a key vector for making data-based decisions. With the telemetry data collected from devices, we analyze various Intel products and features and provide IP teams with meaningful insights on improvements, helping the teams make informed decisions in creating the best product and user experience. We also help other teams understand where to put their people, time, and money to get the biggest return on investment (ROI). In short, we help Intel make the most efficient use of its resources. My goal in my current role is to work with various IP teams within Intel and showcase the benefit and ROI they can drive by making telemetry and analytics an integral part of their decision-making process.”

The challenges and opportunities are not the only reasons why Indranil loves working at Intel. He says, “Intel is not just a company, it’s a culture. The kind of respect that you get from your colleagues and management and the transparency is something that makes me feel like this is the right place to be.” For him, the open and honest culture harmonizes well with his personality, work ethic, and needs.

Even after two decades of domain hopping within Intel, Indranil is far from done here. In the time to come, he is looking forward to contributing more toward growing technology, products, and the charter of his team. He also wants to take on roles and projects that impact and influence a larger number of teams and a higher volume of revenue. Whatever the future holds, Indranil is ready to make the most of the future at Intel

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