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The Intel advantage: How Intel Has impacted This Engineer’s Entire Life

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Ravinder-scaled.jpgWhat is the Intel advantage? In the simplest sense, it means being able to work with some of the best minds in the industry to create the latest technology and products that can touch every human on the planet. For Ravinder Singh, at Intel, this advantage extends to more than just the work that he does at Intel.

Looking back at his engineering days, Ravinder recalls daydreaming about working for an industry leader like Intel. He didn’t hesitate to seize his dream job when the opportunity came his way in 2011.

Upon joining Intel, he immediately began working on a project in close collaboration with Microsoft, helping create the Windows* OS tablet that supported the Connected Standby power model. Since then, he has been on an exciting journey of enabling innovation across multiple programs. Currently, Ravinder works within the Client Computing Group. Based at the Intel India office in Bangalore, he leads a team of passionate engineers who are responsible for enabling the platform power management feature for Intel products.

“We are one of the few lucky teams who get the opportunity to be associated with a product during its entire lifecycle, from beginning to end. From the moment the silicon comes to us from manufacturing, we start booting it up and enabling platform features, troubleshooting all the different defects and challenges that come up in every phase of the program,” says Ravinder.

quote.pngShedding light on what keeps him engaged at work, Ravinder talks about how he is always learning something new every day, emphasizing that with continuous innovations in silicon-based architecture, there’s always something new to study and new challenges to tackle. “In the last 10 years that I have worked here, there hasn’t been a single day which has not been challenging for me.” And best of all, when he felt he needed to take his learning further and pursue an MBA, he didn’t have to lose out on the job. From sponsoring his MBA to creating a flexible work schedule, Intel was there supporting Ravinder every step of the way.

In terms of job satisfaction, Ravinder says he couldn’t be happier with the way things are going. “At Intel, everyone has a well-planned road map of where they are going to be in their career a few years down the line. So, instead of worrying about their job growth, people can focus more on diving deep into their current work and creating a real impact on people’s lives.”

Intel’s presence in Ravinder’s life extends to his personal life as well. With Intel’s Home to Office (H2O) program, his wife, Anup Rani was able to make a smooth career transition after a two-year maternity break. Now, just like Ravinder, Anup Rani works at Intel India in the Client Computing Group. Their conversations at home are often focused on work and technology—and their children are now becoming interested in their parents’ work. “They know the names of most of the programs and tools we work on, and what’s exciting is that they are curious enough to ask us questions. It’s a great feeling,” adds Ravinder. He hopes that, someday, just like him and his wife, their kids will touch millions of lives with their work too.

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