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The Intel internship experience in China

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A lot of college students are curious about internships at Intel. Although the internship or the job you will do is not the same, I believe there are some common components of the Intel internship experience.

In the beginning, there are a series of activities to help interns integrate into Intel. For example, there is the New Employee Orientation session and Intern Welcome Session where interns from different groups meet and learn the basic guidelines of the company. We supplement these with emails blasts and a handy intern handbook to answer some FAQs and lessen any doubts or worries.

Then, the interns are given specific projects with real lasting impact here at Intel. Also, an experienced employee will be assigned as the buddy of the intern. They will work together to close projects before the intern goes back to school. During the internship, the interns have access to cutting-edge tools and technology so that they could put what they’ve learned into real application.

Of course, building a network of peers who have diverse knowledge is critical to succeed at Intel. Intel organizes regular sharing sessions, such as Intern Open Day in China, where interns meet and share their stories. Senior leaders are also invited to give career consultancy to the interns. These activities help them learn more about other people and learn about Intel.

By the end of the internship, an Intern Star Contest is organized where interns give a presentation of their experience and top performers are celebrated. Successful interns are recommended and encouraged to apply to college graduate (CG) positions to continue their long-term growth.

This is only the tip of the iceberg—there are much more fun and interesting things of being an Intel intern! Intrigued? Then you may want to visit Life at Intel and discover what it's like to work here from interns themselves themselves — both past and present. I also encourage you to read more about our various intern programs on the Intel Student Center.
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