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This Principal Engineer Develops Advanced Technologies That Impact Every Person on Earth

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“Growing a career at Intel as a technologist is unique. Intel is present in every aspect of digital technology and is a key player in advancing the Internet of Things, Data Centers, AI, Autonomous Driving, and more. There aren’t any roadblocks for a self-driven person to find opportunities to make an impact.”

Krishna Paul began her career with one vital focus – to work at the cutting-edge of research and technology development. When she returned to India from NEC Research Laboratories America, she looked for an opportunity that would enable her to follow her dream and pursue a career in advanced technology. Enter Intel India. “I decided to join Intel as I was convinced that this is the place where I can do the best in technology development, using my background in research and development, and can remain grounded in a technology leadership career for a long time,” she says.

Krishna joined Intel as a senior technology lead in the Mobile Communication group. She says, “I realized quickly that this is a place where an individual has to bring out the best of her technical and leadership capabilities in terms of conceptualizing products, resolving technical designs challenges, networking, and influencing cross-organization, to bring the idea to reality and create products that touch billions of people’s lives.”

Now a principal engineer, she reflects on the impact of her first big project: Intel’s first SoC. Innovative work that, she notes, “set the path for the low-power, high efficiency, extremely mobile tablets and laptops that people enjoy today at home and office.”

Over the past 15 years, Krishna has worked on numerous advanced technologies, from concept to productization, that have made a massive impact on society. She, in collaboration with a team of Intel’s top leaders and visionaries, worked on the low-power media system that made Intel® architecture suitable for the tablet market. This resulted in, she says, “Smart Sound Technology, reducing power consumption of key media such as audio, video playback by 10x, while increasing overall performance and battery life. This pioneered the path for users to move from desktop to laptop for complete mobility without sacrificing performance in major PC use cases. Today, my daughter uses these laptops – the same ones I developed for Intel – for her online classes and schoolwork.”

With the help of mobile computing on the edge and big data centers in the cloud, information technology has transformed day-to-day life. Working at the forefront of this transformation and contributing to society is what keeps Krishna motivated. She says, “Personally, my early dreams of being in engineering and researching science and technology became a reality – an achievement helped by Intel’s values and commitment to nurturing technical minds with a truthful, transparent work culture that especially supports women technologists through various turns and events of life, making a long run career possible even amidst many personal responsibilities.”

To aspiring engineers looking to grow a similarly rewarding career, Krishna says: “The path to become a principal engineer at Intel has given me the opportunity to expand my horizon in a variety of technical areas and products, leadership, innovation, and mentoring. A befitting quote that sums up an engineer’s potential was written by one of Intel’s founders, Robert Noyce: ‘Don’t be encumbered by history, go off and do something wonderful.’”

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