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Three Lessons over Three Years

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It feels like just yesterday I was getting ready for my first day of work...and then celebrating my first year at Intel. With Intel's support, I've developed personally (crossing things off my bucket list (like running a half marathon to learning how to curl in an Intel shirt too!]) and professionally (managing a blog, [being interviewed for articlesand representing the company!) Here I am, 3 years later. 3 years, lots of work, lots of fun and a few lessons along the way too!



(Btw, you can't see the back of the shirt but it's awesome! The front says, "I geeks" and the back says "talk nerdy to me", and they're comfortable too! Our US College team will be handing these out on campus so be sure to check out our Recruiting Events Calendarto find out when they'll be on your campus next!)

You can make a difference

There's nothing more rewarding then knowing that you're leaving your mark. Words cannot describe the feeling when your hard work pays off and you see the fruit of your labor. Whether it's from a long awaited project finishing up or seeing the launch of a product you've been working on or knowing you've made a difference in the community through volunteer work or seeing the change in yourself through your participation in a healthy living benefit, Intel has helped me make a difference.

Ask for help

It happens to the best of us: we take on too much or everything just gets really busy at the exact same time and we can't do it all. If you're like me, you think you can and you want to...but as I've found out, sometimes, you just can't. Ask for help. There are people who are invested in your success and are willing to lend a hand to help you get there, but they can't read minds: you need to ask for help. Asking for help also makes you recognize what your limitations and shortfalls are so you remain balanced.

I've also learned to ask for help in areas that I want to improve: if I see someone role modelling behavior that I want to learn, I ask them. I ask them to help me, I ask them for tips, I ask them what they do. (You'd be surprised at how often this actually catches people off guard because they don't even realize what it is they do!) By asking them for help, you'll sometimes find a hidden mentor and the start of something beautiful!

Tomorrow's a new day

You'll have your good days, you'll have your bad days and you'll have your amazing days and everything in between. Sometimes things can wait and you need to tear yourself away from your work--it will still be there tomorrow. Sometimes, you're so close to a solution that you may actually need to step away and come back with a fresh perspective and attitude. Whatever happens, enjoy the moment and enjoy the journey because tomorrow is a new day.

Thanks for sticking with me over the past three years--there's more to come!