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US College: Hardware Validation at Intel IS exciting!

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It’s not often I get approached by a hiring manager at Intel, requesting some help to raise awareness of how COOL their job is. So, I was a little surprised when I got a message from a favorite Intel Rockstar, Erin, who you may know from our Life at Intel site :-)) I knew she is fabulous when it came to supporting the College Recruiting team at her Alma Mater –University of Michigan. Outside of that though, I didn’t know a whole lot more about her. Until now. Erin currently works in our Digital Home Group and is so passionate about her job in hardware validation she wants to let the world (or at least college students) know why it’s such a great career at Intel! We put our heads together and hatched a plan to get the message out.

It’s not always enough to just blast people with information on hardware validation jobs and what skills they require and where we are hiring. Blah, blah blah. We wanted to make it a bit more personal to really help our students know about the endless possibilities this role provides and share real stories from managers that got their start here at Intel. Once we had our plan together, Erin rounded up quite a few validation managers at Intel that were equally passionate about the work. So now, we are bracing ourselves for a 2 hour Virtual Event that will give students an opportunity to interface directly with the hiring managers! If you are studying Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering (or even thinking about it), a validation position may be right up your alley! You won’t want to miss this event!

So do you want to know more about hardware validation? Do you think it’s a job YOU could hack? Come find out! We will be hosting a Virtual Chat on October 19th from 11-1pm PST.Register here!

Five of our managers (including Erin, who you WILL want to know) openly share their journey with Hardware Validation at Intel, and will be available to chat online, directly with students interested in this field. We will have many managers available and ready to take questions, offer advice on studies and ultimately connect you with jobs on their teams!

Sign up today and get your resume submitted HERE! This is sure to be an event you do NOT want to miss! See you there!