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US College: Meet some of our interns! (Part 1)

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We’re so excited! Right this moment, we have 600 interns at 7 Intel sites across the US, with more arriving every day! Our Interns are all degree levels (BS, MS, and PhD), a wide array of technical and business disciplines, and typically stay ~3-5 months, though some stay up to a year. But rather than blogging about OUR perception of how the Intel Intern experience is shaping up this summer, we asked a few of our Interns to share their experiences with you directly! They’ll be checking in a few times over the course of their internship, all while juggling their projects, training, and social events!

This week, we’d like to introduce you to Steve, an MBA student interning in Human Resources in Staffing. (Coincidentally, he’s our US College team intern )

"As a first year MBA student, I approached my summer internship at Intel with both excitement and apprehension. My wife and I were excited about moving to Oregon for the summer because we had heard so many great things about the state. Our two small children did remarkably well on the 15 hour drive (that should have taken 12 hours had we not stopped so often for the kids) and we found a great apartment without much effort. I even had an entire week to see some sites and get settled into our apartment before starting work. Over the past several weeks we have been to Haystack Rock on the Oregon coast, the Rose Gardens at Washington Park, the Portland Zoo, Multnomah Falls, and numerous small parks all within walking distance of our apartment. We are getting used to Oregon’s slow speed limits and the fact that you can’t fill up your own tank of gas.

Most of my apprehension with starting at Intel came because my previous work experience was at an organization with just over 1,000 employees, so I wondered what it would be like to work for a company with 15,000 people just in Oregon and over 80,000 employees worldwide. I must confess that I was a little overwhelmed at first, but as I met the team I would be working with I quickly felt welcomed and appreciated.

I was impressed with the small things my manager and his team did to help me feel at home. For example, my cubicle was decorated with blue and white balloons and streamers (there were more balloons that are in this picture, but I took the picture three weeks after starting so it’s not quite what it originally looked like). My cube was ready with a few thoughtful gifts such as some new pens, a water bottle, a nice laptop case with the Intel logo, and best of all a bottle of peppermint bubbles that have been a big hit with our two year old. I was also assigned an “Intel buddy” to answer all of my random questions such as “How do I print?”, “Do people eat at their desks?”, “What flavor of chips does Intel make?” OK, I’m kidding on the last one, but I did have a lot of random questions. My Intel buddy, Mike, was the perfect person for me because he had started at Intel just two years ago, so he understood some of the challenges and opportunities that I faced as a new hire. He was patient with me even when I asked the same question twice (and sometimes three or four times).

While I don’t want to give the impression that everything is perfect here at Intel, I am sincere when I say that I have had a fantastic experience so far. As I stated before, it’s the small things that have made the biggest difference in making for a smooth transition to Intel. I’ll be adding two more blog post where I will provide more specific details about my projects for the internship, so I look forward to sharing my experience with you this summer!”

That’s our first intern, Steve! Stay tuned as we introduce three more interns to you over the new few weeks.