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Why Taking Time Off Is More Important Than Ever

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During these uncertain times, we still need to make sure to take time off for our physical and mental health – even if that means reimagining what summer vacations look like this year.

Workload, unpredictable school schedules, and travel restrictions can make it feel impossible to take vacation time this year. The hesitancy is understandable. Not only are we impacted by safety and travel restrictions due to COVID-19, we’re all trying to balance the pressures of work with the responsibilities at home – no matter where you’re working. That’s why, with many of us working harder than ever during the pandemic, it is vital to your wellness to make sure you take time off throughout the year.

There is a strong correlation between stress and your physical and mental wellness1 – without taking time off, we all run the risk of burnout. An article published by Allina Health notes that benefits from taking a vacation include improved physical and mental health, increased mental power, improved familial relationships, and decreased burnout.

During these challenging times, it’s especially vital to take care of our mental and physical wellness. So even though taking time off might look different this year, we should all take the opportunity to rest, relax, and recharge. To reinforce this, Intel recently kicked off an employee “staycation” challenge. It gives employees the chance to reimagine traditional vacations and share their creative ideas with one another – helping encourage each other to take time for themselves in the process.

Want some inspiration for your own break? Check out how a few of our employees are making the most of their vacation time while staying at home and/or safely social distancing:

Exploring local adventures

“This year, my family did stay home, whereas usually we like to travel. We decided to try something new and explored our local rivers. We have been kayaking on several of them and whitewater rafting. We enjoy new experiences so went looking for local activities that are outdoors that still provided us a sense of novelty.”
– Jenny Schoonbee, Oregon, USA


Discovering hidden gems


“I’m travelling to the northerly shores of Donegal for a staycation this summer. Depending on where you are based in Ireland, Donegal can be a bit of a journey so it’s not somewhere I have explored to date. I adore our little country and often feel guilty for not taking the opportunity to take more staycations here. It didn’t take too much reframing and convincing for me to see the positives of staying local for our summer holidays this year. I’m really looking forward to exploring our beautiful country this year, I already have so many places scoped out to visit!”
– Angela Burke, Leixlip, Ireland


Expanding horizons from above

“I’m planning to go somewhere in Dalian to take photos on my drone or camera, to find some beauty of Dalian. I will search through the Baidu Tieba or Douban group to find the beauty of places such as Amber Bay in Shicao or the Xijian Mountain Observation Deck in the Dalian Forest Zoo. I’ll have to check the weather to make sure it is good for photography. All of us have different but similar pressures from work or home, not only on yourself but also your family members. We need to utilize time to relax and accompany family during this special period.”
– Jian Sure, Dalian, China


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1 American Psychology Association, Four Reasons to Take Vacation
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