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Women of Intel: Creating diverse and inclusive workplaces isn’t just a “nice” thing to do

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At Intel, our vision is simple and direct: diversity drives innovation.
We solve technology’s biggest problems every day; to do that we need the best talent – those that challenge the status quo and think differently. We need different creative perspectives, and that means building a workplace where diversity and inclusion thrive.

We asked several of our colleagues what inclusion means to them and what it’s like, as women in technology, to work for a company committed to fostering a culture where everyone feels accepted, valued, and supported.

Below, they share their experiences as well as advice to other women on sticking with it and growing a thriving career in tech.

Dr. Clare Somerville, Wireless Systems Engineer in the Network Platforms Group, Swindon, England.


For me inclusion is about respecting the people you work with, and I am now in a role where ensuring inclusion is part of my job. But when I started my career, I was always the first women in the team. When you’re young and lack confidence and think you stand out, you rely heavily on colleagues to make you feel valued.

The mobile industry is truly global and you end up collaborating and solving problems with engineers from multiple companies based around the world. It is a highly rewarding career, and job roles within the industry are sufficiently varied that you have the opportunity to evolve your career path in many different directions.

Bharathi Venkatesh, Principle Engineer in the Product Development Solutions Group, Bangalore, India.


We work in a competitive environment. At Intel, you are continuously challenged and motivated by the best minds. Intel is a company that encourages inclusion, fosters employee development, and respects diverse thoughts. While work-life balance is a struggle for anyone, I appreciate how Intel provides flexibility through various initiatives and encourages me to reach my full potential at work and beyond.

Sustaining this career through life changes and advancing to leadership positions has always been a challenge, but you can do it. Keep going and never give up!

Katherine Ortiz, Functional Safety Project Manager in the Internet of Things Group, Chandler, Arizona.


I think it’s extremely important that Intel celebrates so many different types of ideas and perspectives. In product development, it’s important to get a women’s perspective along with others. In considering various types of experiences in the design process, your product comes out better than you originally intended it to be.

When I think of the impact and rewards of diversity and inclusion, I think of my marriage. My husband and I are polar opposites. Our relationship is both challenging and rewarding. When we have a goal in mind, we might dispute every decision, but the end result is always magical. It takes working together to come up with a solution greater than our individual ideas. That’s why diversity and inclusion is so powerful. The journey might be hard, but the end result is going to be wonderful.

To learn more about why Intel has been ranked a top company to work for multicultural women, visit: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/diversity/diversity-at-intel.html
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