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Work at Intel? Hmmm…Why Not?

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It is still fresh in my mind when Intel came to my university during my second year to offer scholarships. I got excited and wanted to apply but, deep inside my heart, I had this uncomfortable feeling: fear. Yes...***fear lah***! Fear of if I could perform well in Intel. Fear of if I could cope with the work load. Fear of if I would fit in this multi-national company. Those were the negative thoughts that were mingling in my mind.

Then I asked myself, “Why should I be afraid of Intel? ” and, “What do I know about Intel?” These questions urged me to find out more so I could understand Intel. This was what I found out…

• Intel, a company that is well known for its advanced technology in semiconductors, is a world leader in microprocessors and chipsets.

• Intel Malaysia is actually the first and largest offshore Intel Site. It has 11k employees, spread across Penang and Kulim. It has more that 30 years of Assembly and Test experience, not only in high volume manufacturing but also in Research and Technology, R&D.

• I was attracted to Intel because of its diversity in terms of workforce; be it from different races, gender (male vs. female) or different sorts of background.

• Intel Malaysia is known as a company that actively supports community work and contributes to Malaysian education. Some of Intel Malaysia’s recognitions include: National Occupation Safety and Health Award (1995, 2001, 2005), National HR Excellence Award (2002), Intel Diversity Award (2001), Best Environmentally Kept Industry in Kedah (2003), Best Electronic Company (MNC) in Kedah (2003), Chief Minister Award for State Cooperatives (2005), and being awarded over 30 patents.

Learning this information got me excited and convinced me to go in for the interview… and guess what? I got the scholarship ! Now I am working in Intel, have had various jobs experiences, and am very happy with the ‘Great Place to Work’ environment that Intel practices. What I learned is don’t judge a book by its cover; don’t simply judge and make negative perceptions of anyone, any situation or anything without learning more. It is all about perception. I was lucky that I was not carried away with my fear factor and negative perception towards Intel. Understand the person, situation or anything in depth before making a conclusion. Therefore, I urge you out there to learn more about Intel and then I gladly invite you to join us by submitting your resume at Jobs at Intel
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