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Working for Intel Taiwan: My Journey as an International Local Hire

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Oliver-Chuo_Intel_com_blog-graphic-template-2000x1000-1.pngOliver Chuo’s experience with computers began when he was just 10 years old, he recalls his first PC was powered by Intel’s 80286 16-bit microprocessor. Oliver was quick to learn programming and immersed himself in the vast potential of computers. When he was in senior high, he disassembled an Apple II PC collected from the school’s recycling centre, and it wasn’t long before Chuo embarked upon a career in the semiconductor industry.

Oliver is also a traveler. As a college student, he spent months in Guatemala during long breaks to be with his sister who worked there. It was there in an American school that he honed his English skills. He completed his undergraduate studies in Taiwan, then pursued a master’s degree in Japan and after, returned home to begin his journey as an engineer.

“I remember saying that I wouldn’t return to Japan for work. But an offer from a tech giant came along, so I seized the opportunity and ended up spending twelve years in the country!”
Different cultures help broaden perspectives

Oliver spent the second half of those twelve years with Intel Japan as a technical account manager. He still vividly recalls noticing how unusually quiet it was on the train when he first arrived in the country. It was as if the world came to a standstill in the carriages—hardly anyone spoke.

“I eventually came to realize that it’s largely because there is respect for other passengers, that everyone deserves a quiet space and respite from their otherwise hectic city lives. It was eye-opening and proved to be a defining characteristic of the country as a whole.”

Travelling the world has always been a dream for Oliver. And that’s why he decided to move to a different country, even with the knowledge that it was going to be a tough journey of adapting and assimilating in an entirely different culture and society. For him, the pros outweighed the cons.
Home is where the heart is

Having spent over a decade away from home, Oliver’s eventual return from Japan last year did feel like a long time coming. And so he continued his career journey with Intel Taiwan as an HP FAE and then a CCG Sales Specialist. When asked about what he loves most about the current role, he singled-out the shift from being more hands-on with external customers to working with internal stakeholders and helping them assist their customers.

“My past experiences have undoubtedly served as building blocks—bringing me to where I am. It’s no doubt a bigger responsibility, but it’s also another opportunity to learn. That itself is very much a perk of being at Intel—being able to take on different roles and challenges along the way.”
Casting a wide net as an International Local Hire (ILH)

 “This is a big company in a big industry, so build up your network. You’ll surely catch wind of more opportunities for growth. And when the time is right, you’ll be able to plan your next steps.”

Apart from the thrill and fulfilment of constantly seeking out new challenges, Oliver shares that the years abroad have expanded both his professional and social networks - through which he gained new perspectives. And this is his advice to those who are just starting out.

“Intel is vastly different from others in terms of workplace experience and culture. It’s international and diverse, so learn whatever you can, and be prepared for a culture shock if you decide to join a different company!”

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