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Free, 8-Hour, Instructor-Led, Virtual Class on Intel® Quartus® Prime Software helps Xilinx Vivado Design Suite users cross the great divide

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If you have been using Xilinx Vivado Design Suite software and need to start designing with Intel® FPGAs to take advantage of the unique features or software in the broad silicon and software portfolio that Intel offers, would you like some help to speed your journey? There’s a new 8-hour, instructor-led, virtual class for you titled “The Intel® Quartus® Prime Software: Foundation for Xilinx Vivado Design Suite Users.” Best of all, this class is free until the end of this year (2020).

In this class, you will learn how to use the Intel Quartus Prime Pro Edition software to develop FPGA designs, while drawing on your prior FPGA design experience. You'll learn how to use the software to create new projects, input new or existing design files, and how to compile your projects. You’ll also learn how to search for compilation information, how to use settings and assignments to adjust compilation results, and how to manage I/O-related pin assignments using the Pin Planner and Interface Planner built into Intel Quartus Prime Pro Edition software. In addition, you will learn special techniques and features that will help you plan your design and achieve design goals faster.

The simple prerequisites for the class include knowledge that anyone with a few years’ worth of FPGA design experience would have:

  • A background in digital logic design

  • The ability to describe a hardware system using VHDL, Verilog, or an EDA schematic tool

Sound right for you? For more information about this course, visit our website. To request a class in your region click here.


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