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Intel Agilex® 3 FPGAs, Completing the Spectrum

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With the introduction of Intel Agilex® 3 FPGAs, the Agilex family will span the full spectrum of FPGAs from high to low, all built on our resilient global supply chain. 

The Agilex 3 FPGA builds upon the same values and reasons why customers love to design with Cyclone and MAX FPGAs and CPLDs: ease of use, low power consumption, and small form factors, while providing designers with the latest FPGA architectures and capabilities. In addition, Intel continues to support their workhorse Cyclone and Max devices and has made investments to ensure that these products will continue to be available at least until the year 2035.

Intel Agilex 3 is built for lower power, and with the innovative Intel package design to maximize IO per area, ease of board design while delivering small form factors. With the addition of Agilex 3 to the Intel Agilex 5, 7, and 9 FPGA families, system development teams now have the means to address all their programmable-logic design requirements by using a single development and design-tool flow to create FPGA-based system and subsystems from the lower power, cost-optimized and the simplest designs to the high performance and most complex designs. 

The Intel Agilex 3 FPGA family consists of the B-Series and C-Series devices. B-Series FPGAs are designed for board-, platform-, and system-level management applications including power sequencing, simple sensor processing, system-level and board-level monitoring, I/O expansion and more. C-Series FPGAs will deliver a broad spectrum of capabilities to address a wide range of FPGA and CPLD applications including industrial, transportation, broadcast, medical, test and measurement (T&M), consumer, data center, telecommunications, and will be a welcome addition to anyone who wants to enhance its products processing capabilities including AI in small form factor and low power applications.

Intel invested significantly to expand its semiconductor manufacturing and packaging capabilities around the world and has constructed a resilient and reliable global supply chain to bolster device availability. All Intel Agilex FPGA families, including the Intel Agilex 3 family, benefit from this expanded and reinforced supply chain. The combined capabilities of the Intel Agilex FPGA families now broadly span the industry’s FPGA application requirements, and the latest addition of Intel Agilex 3 continues to demonstrate how Intel is committed to the FPGA market by investing in the development of FPGAs that suit current and future market needs. Please stay tuned for more information about Intel Agilex 3 FPGAs.

For more information about the growing Intel Agilex FPGA family, please see “Expanding the Intel Agilex® FPGA Offering to Enable New Capabilities and a Broad Set of Applications.”