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Intel introduces multi-phase, step-down power controller and power stage devices for high-current loads including core rails from 40 A to more than 200 A

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Intel has introduced a solution for on-board power rails, including core rails, that incorporates pair of new Intel® Enpirion® power devices. These two new devices make it easy for you to design high-current step-down power converters for power trees with output currents spanning a wide load range from 40 A to more than 200 A, combining high conversion efficiency and PCB space savings with low-risk design.

The Intel Enpirion ED8401 digital, multi-phase, step-down controller is designed for non-isolated, high current DC/DC applications. It can control as many as four of the companion Intel Enpirion ET6160 monolithic 70 A power stages with integrated current and temperature monitors. This complete step-down power conversion solution based on these two devices has been designed, tested, and validated on Intel development kits to ensure that they meet the power requirements of a wide variety of FPGAs including Intel® Agilex™, Intel® Stratix® 10, and Intel® Arria® 10 FPGAs; ASICs including Intel® eASIC™ devices; and SoCs.

For more information about the Intel Enpirion ED8401 digital, multi-phase, step-down power controller and the Intel Enpirion ET6160 70 A power stage, click here.

In addition to powering high-current core rails, Intel Enpirion devices can power your entire power tree with a wide range of solutions. For more information on the whole portfolio, go to www.intel.com/power.


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