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We Hope to See You at Intel® FPGA Technology Day 2021

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Intel® FPGA Technology Day (IFTD) is a free four-day event that will be hosted virtually across the globe in North America, China, Japan, EMEA, and Asia Pacific from December 6-9, 2021.

The theme of IFTD 2021 is “Accelerating a Smart and Connected World.” This virtual event will showcase Intel® FPGAs, SmartNICs, and infrastructure processing units (IPUs) through webinars and demonstrations presented by Intel experts and partners. The sessions are designed to be of value for a wide range of audiences, including Technology Managers, Product Managers, Board Designers, and C-Level Executives.

Attendees to this four-day event will learn how Intel’s solutions can solve the toughest design challenges and provide the flexibility to adapt to the needs of today’s rapidly evolving markets.

A full schedule of Cloud, Networking, Embedded, and Product Technology sessions, each just 30 minutes long, will enable you to build the best agenda for your needs.

  • Day 1 (December 6), TECHNOLOGY: FPGAs for a Dynamic Data Centric World: Advances in cloud infrastructure, networking, and computing at the edge are accelerating. Flexibility is key to keeping pace with this transforming world. Learn about innovations developed and launched in 2021 along with new Intel FPGA technologies that address key market transitions.

  •  Day 2 (December 7), CLOUD AND ENTERPRISE: Data Center Acceleration: The cloud is changing. Disaggregation improves data center performance and scalability but requires new tools to keep things optimized. Intel FPGA smart infrastructure enables smarter applications to make the internet go fast!

  • Day 3 (December 8): EMBEDDED: Transformation at the Edge: As performance and latency continue to dictate compute’s migration to the edge, Intel FPGAs provide the workload consolidation and optimization required with software defined solutions enabled by a vast and growing partner ecosystem.

  • Day 4 (December 9): NETWORKING: 5G – The Need for End-to-End Programmability: The evolution of 5G continues to push the performance-to-power envelop, requiring market leaders to adapt or be replaced. Solutions for 5G and beyond will require scalable and programmable portfolios to meet evolving standards and use cases.

To explore the detailed program, see the featured speakers, and register for the North America event, Click Here. Register in other regions below:
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