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Apply to be an Intel® Arc™ Innovator

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Amazing things are happening in computing, and one of them is a new discrete GPU from Intel®. We are excited to build a community of game developers pushing the limits and experiences with this new hardware. If you are interested in engaging with Intel and our community of gaming and game dev enthusiast, join us on the Intel® Insider Discord. And as a developer if you are interested in early access to Intel hardware and disclosures, read more below.


Intel® Arc™ Seeding To Innovators

The Intel® Software Innovator program has had a long history at Intel, recruiting the most talented and inspirational coders from around the world. Intel supports these developers with early disclosures, access to engineering and product teams, potential hardware seeding, as well as opportunities for sponsored or stipend support for showcase game demos and technical presentations.

As we look toward a new chapter in Intel Graphics with the launch of the Intel® Arc™ brand of discrete GPUs, we are once again looking to build a community of expert developers who will inspire others with amazing gaming experiences.

Program Benefits

As an Innovator, you will be put under NDA with Intel and be part of the growing Xe graphics community of developers. With that NDA you will receive regular disclosures and updates, have access to Intel teams and engineering and get an early glimpse of how to make use of our latest hardware and software tools. And as Innovators' skills progress with work reflecting emerging and trending use cases, Intel will evaluate for sponsorship, stipends, and/or early hardware seeding.

If you believe you have something to offer the community such as amazing shader techniques, upcoming titles that can inspire others, or experimental work that is pushing the limits of high-performance graphics then we invite you to apply.

Two Easy Steps

Step1: Post past or present game dev work to Intel® DevMesh, select scope as "Game" and do your best to explain your method and approaches to achieving great results, or an ambitious goal you are trying to achieve which could use support and or hardware from Intel. Where possible explain how Intel® Arc™ discrete graphics, Xe Super Sampling (XeSS), or Microsoft DirectX 12 Ultimate* (DX12U) features could be showcased in your work.
Step 2: Once a project is submitted follow this link to learn more about, and apply, to the Intel Software Innovator Program.

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Director of Intel Graphic Community Engagement and Senior Technology Evangelist for Intel Graphics. From Bob: My first PC was a Commodore Vic20. With the upgrade pack I was writing 8K programs stored on a cassette tape drive. I did a lot of fun gaming and graphics coding back in the early PC days. I started my professional career in marketing & graphic design, then made the transition to IT work in the late 90's. After 2 brief years as a VP bigshot for two dot coms, I started my own company doing web applications and design. (lots of Photoshop, & ColdFusion, and Sculpt4D work). I eventually landed at Intel in Corporate Marketing managing's social media and community strategy, then supporting our dev community programs. I am now happy to marry all that experience and support our growing graphics community. Outside of work, I am probably researching digital art or messing around with Blender 3D or doodling a cartoon. Find me on Twitter @bobduffy

I'd like to add a program to my devmesh account, unsure if my application is being processed for the next cohort? According to the Innovator101 Resource my Local Community Manager is unavailable. Who else would be best to talk to about my project demo events?


Hi, MrVictor1of1,

Are you having an issue applying for the Innovator program?  At what step are you seeing the issue?

After you submitted your devmesh project, did you go here:



@mrvictor1of1 I see you posted the same question in the Intel Edge Software Hub which I've responded to.  We'll engage on this question in that forum post.