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Reopening the Doors to Retail and Restaurants – Five Topics to Consider

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New use cases are emerging for IoT devices in the retail and hospitality sectors, ranging from innovative payment options to elevated support structures for curbside pick-up and food delivery services. When asked about self-check-out and contactless payment, Intel VP & GM of IoT, Joe Jensen, was quick to make it clear that, "at Intel, we're working hard to enable our end customers to deliver those kinds of services and capabilities in whatever way consumers want."

To help showcase the numerous ways that Intel technologies are helping move the retail industry forward, we've collaborated with HP and Incisiv on five vlogs that tell the story.

Vlog 1:

Store & Restaurant Associates Redefined – Preparing for New Roles & New Priorities.

Regardless of format, the role of the associate will be forever changed. This blog will cover strategies for attracting the best labor as hiring returns as well as labor requirements that will play an increasingly important role, including picking and packing, delivery, and personal shopping.


Vlog 2:

Cleanliness & Safety – Strategies for Providing a Safe Environment in Your Stores & Restaurants

As stores and restaurants begin to open, it is clear that new processes will be required to ensure customers and guests feel safe. This blog will highlight key protocols from equipment cleaning to proper social distancing techniques.


Vlog 3:

Conveying the Right Message: Marketing & Promotional Strategies to Win the Trust of Customers

This blog will cover strategies for effective communication and promotions as society slowly returns to a new normal as well as how to strike the right tonality to a shell-shocked customer base.


Vlog 4:

Operational Excellence – Doing More With Less During the Road to Recovery

Restaurants and retailers now face new challenges that will fall directly on operational teams. This blog will look at how companies operate more efficiently (through technology) while having less than 100% staffing in place.


Vlog 5:

The New Priorities for Technology – The Hands-off Imperative

In less than 90 days technology that was once focused on ‘experience’ must pivot to technology focused on safety and trust. This blog will cover key imperatives such as contactless, remote monitoring, and the latest in pickup & delivery.