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Managing Platforms in the Modern Era

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Innovation is key to staying ahead of competitors

High reliability and availability require the right tools and a commitment to maintenance.

For more than fifty years, Intel customers have looked to us to deliver the highest levels of product quality. This commitment to quality has been key to our success and is more important than ever in the increasingly complex modern era of enterprise and hyperscale cloud computing.

Improving server uptime and reliability are core aspects of our ongoing mission to support the growth of these ecosystems. In fact, we routinely release diagnostic tools, such as the Intel ® Memory Failure Prediction tool, to help our partners achieve the highest quality data center experience.

Much like the redundancy and replication in cloud services that protect data for both planned and unplanned events, the computing industry has for decades developed measures that help provide assurances of data integrity and resilience starting at the hardware layer. Intel architectures have employed various transparent checks for years that help protect data, including error detection, correction, containment and recovery. We recognize this work is never done and is why we continue to innovate in the design of our products.

Ensuring continuous high reliability and availability requires a commitment to fleet maintenance. Over time, closely monitored assets perform better and are more efficient, with measurable gains that include lower energy use and decreased maintenance costs. We believe it is an industry best practice to use diagnostic tools for both initial deployment and periodic evaluation of the fleet to help ensure the best customer experience. Considering the incredible growth of data center deployments, it is vital that we, along with others in the industry, continue to enable and encourage proactive health maintenance.

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General Manager of Data Center Solutions at Intel. Internationally respected software executive with experience building data center software licensing, API management and software solution businesses. Jeff has extensive experience building software engineering, product development, marketing, licensing and deployment through a variety of industry verticals globally. Jeff has experience distributing solutions to the top 10 global hardware OEMs, leading global software solution providers and direct to the largest telco and Internet Portal Data Centers around the world. He has built global sales and distribution teams and has experience orchestrating solution selling through indirect solution partners in addition to direct GTM strategies. Jeff is a graduate of Boston College, and also holds an MBA from Boston University.