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Chips & Salsa Episode 23 - August advisories - AEPIC LEAK

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August 2022 Advisory Blog


Hi everyone,

Today we released 27 security advisories with mitigations addressing 59 vulnerabilities. Of these, 95% were found through Intel’s proactive security assurance efforts (47.5% found by Intel employees, 47.5% reported through Intel’s bug bounty program).

INTEL-SA-00657 addresses an issue discovered by researchers from TU Graz they refer to as AEPIC LEAK. Those using Intel® SGX should review the advisory to understand the mitigations we have released as well as our Stale Data Read from xAPIC technical paper.

In Chips & Salsa episode 23, CRob and I give a high level overview of today’s advisories:

Thanks for watching and if you will be at Black Hat, come and look for us at the Intel booth!

Jerry Bryant
Sr. Director of Security Communications and Incident Response
Intel Product Assurance and Security

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