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Collaborate Across Devices and Platforms with the Intel Unite® Solution

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The larger the company, the harder it gets to ensure everyone is using the same kinds of devices at work, no matter how diligent your IT department. At the enterprise level, the task is nearly impossible. 

You can never assume that people will have their laptops with them. You can’t rule out that certain departments might have to be on Macs while most of your company is on PCs. You may have subsidiaries or a recently acquired company with different tech setups. You may need to invite vendors or partners with vastly different tech setups to present to your organization or to work with your teams directly. The list of needs is endless. 

This lack of consistent tech can get in the way, especially when you need to do collaborative work in larger groups or conduct a large-scale meeting involving interactivity. 

With the Intel Unite® solution, however, it truly is BYOD—bring your own device. You don’t need to worry about everyone working from the same device, operating system, and platform for your meetings to run successfully. 

From Handheld to Laptop, You’re Covered 

Whether you’re conducting a physical meeting in a single room or connecting multiple locations virtually, the Intel Unite solution allows you to integrate all participants seamlessly. 

The first issue you won’t have to worry about is people using different platforms. The Intel Unite solution supports all major operating systems—Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, and Linux. 

You also won’t need to worry about what devices participants are using. They can connect with smart phones, tablets, laptops and most other mobile devices. This provides a number of advantages, such as: 

  • You won't have to buy new equipment for everyone in the company because they can BYOD. 
  • Meeting participants can use devices with which they’re already comfortable and proficient, making it easier for them to learn and use the Intel Unite solution. 
  • Participants can use their phones or tablets if they forget their laptops. 
  • If you need to add meeting participants on short notice, they can connect to a session with whatever device they have at hand. 

Once participants are in the meeting room or ready to join remotely, they simply launch the Intel Unite app and enter the six-digit PIN to connect. If they’re in the meeting room itself, they can also connect automatically with Ultrasonic Join if macOS or Windows operating systems are being used. 

Beyond the Basic Devices 

The Intel Unite solution does more than bring together devices and operating systems, though. It also allows you to easily incorporate peripheral devices, quickly and easily turning any meeting room into an intelligent collaboration space. Participants can effortlessly connect displays and mixed technology environments. Your team can share and collaborate seamlessly, whether they’re on premises or participating remotely. 

Native touchback integration allows presenters using a Windows 10 or 11 PC to untether from their computers. With a display at the front of the room, presenters can manage their various apps using the larger display as if it were a remote touch screen. 

An annotation feature even allows participants to draw attention to anything on the screen, circling, underlining, or jotting notes as if using a whiteboard.  

And if you need to bring more presenters than one into a meeting, you can do that as well, preplanned or on the fly. The Intel Unite solution allows four participants to present simultaneously to the same display, and it supports up to three displays, allowing for as many as 12 presenters at one time. 

All these features and more do something else, too. They allow you to take the next step in the evolution of BYOD to facilitate the growing interest in and adoption of the BYOM concept—bring your own meeting. With BYOM, users drive the meeting and the meeting room technology using their own devices. In a meeting room with an Intel Unite solution hub, for instance, a user with the Intel Unite software downloaded to their device can walk into the room and use their device to connect to and control the room’s technology. This helps them run a more personalized, user-centric meeting, whether that meeting was planned or is ad-hoc. 

If you want to work smarter across technologies and locations, the Intel Unite solution might be just what you’re looking for. 


No product or component can be absolutely secure.  

The latency and resolution of any video or images transmitted by the Intel Unite technology is dependent on the performance of the hardware configuration and internet connectivity used.