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Powering the Future: Optimizing Windows 11 on the Intel® vPro® Platform

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When hardware, software, and operating system work in unison—supporting the user and enhancing their experience at every turn—amazing things happen.

Together, Microsoft and Intel have pursued this joint objective for over 30 years. As the world becomes more digital and technology becomes more mobile, the two companies’ close relationship ensures that personal computers remain as relevant as ever. Our offerings such as the Intel vPro® platform and the Intel® Evo™ vPro® platform provide the tools and features that users and IT departments need to achieve more.

Today, Microsoft and Intel’s tradition of collaboration continues as we work together to optimize Windows 11 on Intel® devices. Our combined efforts have enabled platform enhancements for the upcoming release that include accelerated processing performance, improved power efficiency, and optimized processor utilization. Our teams have also come together to enable improvements for camera and audio performance in Windows 11 systems.

We’re eager to share the amazing experience of Windows 11 on Intel® architectures with the world. It’s the result of dozens of people across the globe meeting and collaborating digitally for more than a year.

As the Windows engineers continued driving innovation and pushing boundaries, the Intel team worked alongside them in real time to help explore opportunities, solve problems, and enable a better overall computing experience.

Echoing the spirit of the Intel vPro platform and Intel Evo vPro platform, both teams focused on making a tangible difference in our users’ lives. Security. Performance. Responsiveness. Throughout the Windows 11 environment, we’ve built root-level enhancements that send benefits cascading across the entire experience.

We also worked together to integrate Intel® Bridge Technology into Windows 11, allowing users to run certain Android applications on their device out of the box. This gives them access to a vast number of new applications and tools. It also opens an entirely new avenue that Android developers can use to build their business.

You’ll be able to see these improvements, integrations, and features for yourself in the coming months. We plan to roll out new 12th generation processors in the first half of 2022, powering the next generation of Intel vPro platform devices. Microsoft and Intel are currently collaborating with our OEM partners to build new systems that will deliver precisely what today’s users demand from their PCs.

Of course, the collaboration between Microsoft and Intel isn’t over. Our long-standing alliance will continue to evolve as we pursue new possibilities, such as how AI innovation in the client computing space can take the user experience to new heights. We couldn’t be more excited to see what amazing advancements we’ll unlock next.

In our increasingly digital and remote world, personal computers are more critical than ever. By collaborating deeply on Windows 11 optimization, Microsoft and Intel are enabling an enhanced computing experience that helps our users achieve more while enriching their personal and professional lives. We can’t wait for you to see our integrated Windows 11 optimizations in future Intel vPro platform and Intel Evo vPro platform devices.

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