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Create the Edge of the Future with Intel at the 2020 Embedded Vision Summit

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Key Takeaways

  • Streamline, simplify and solve for the edge of the future with the General Session opening by Bill Pearson, VP and GM, Internet of Things, Developer Enabling, Intel.
  • Connect with Intel experts at in-depth technical workshops.
  • Learn more from technical presentations across a wide range of topics, from post-training quantization, to use-case specific implementations, to getting efficient deep learning inference performance.
  • Get inspired by various Intel and partner demos of real-world use case implementations with AI at the edge.

Connect with us at the 2020 Embedded Vision Summit and discover how Intel is helping AI reach its true potential at the edge. Check out Intel’s Edge AI product portfolio & solutions from partners across key edge use cases and industry verticals.

Attend the General Session opening by Bill Pearson, VP of IOTG & GM of Developer Enabling at Intel

Streamline, Simplify, and Solve for the Edge of the Future

Developing AI-enabled edge devices is tough. Due to the diversity of edge AI applications, there’s no “one size fits all” solution. Developers must navigate among numerous choices in algorithms, sensors, processors and development tools to deliver highly efficient systems that meet the demanding cost, power consumption and size requirements of edge devices. Discover how Intel is helping developers overcome challenges around complex design and development processes.

Connect with Intel Experts at three In-depth Technical Workshops

Using Intel® OpenVINO™ toolkit to deploy DL Applications | Edge AI for Retail | Edge AI for Industrial

Learn to deploy deep learning application using the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit, starting with a trained model from Caffe, Tensorflow or ONNX and creating efficient implementations on different Intel hardware and AI accelerators: CPUs, integrated GPUs, FPGAs and the Intel® Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick.

Discover the wide range of pre-configured examples available in the Intel® DevCloud for the Edge, spanning medical, industrial, retail and education applications. We’ll also introduce tutorials for encrypted models, how to migrate from the Intel® DevCloud for the Edge to a local edge device, and Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit DL Streamer pipeline examples.

Don’t miss the technical presentations by Intel leaders on the latest in AI and Deep Learning: 

o   Recent advances in post-training quantization
o   Intel Acceleration of Deep Learning for 3D Seismic
o   Smarter manufacturing achieved with Intel’s deep learning-based machine vision
o   TOPS and Getting Efficient DL Inference Performance
o   Edge Inference Solutions Architect, Intel Federated Edge Inferencing
o   Edge Inferencing with Vision Accelerator Cards in IOT applications

Get inspired by the various Intel and partner demos showcasing Edge AI across key use cases at Intel’s virtual booth. Check out the exhibition info here.

o   Edge AI in Industrial – Intel, ADLINK and Xinjie demos
o   Edge AI in Retail – Intel, IOTech and Thundersoft demos
o   Edge AI & Converged Edge Insights in Smart Cities: Intel, Skylab, Foxconn and Algolux demos
o   Learn more about the Intel® DevCloud for the Edge - the winner of 2020 Vision Product of the Year in the Developer Tools category.

Join us at the 2020 Embedded Vision Summit. Let’s collaborate to create solutions that enable innovation at the edge, solutions that improve lives and transform industries. We invite you to join us in creating the edge of the future!


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