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Intel’s OpenVINO™ Toolkit supercharges IBM’s Data Science Platform for Oil and Gas Exploration and Analytics Workflows

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Authors: Ravi Panchumarthy, Paweł Kołakowski, Louis Desroches, Ranga Madhanagopal.

The energy sector produces vast amounts of data in various phases of its operations: Explorations, Drilling and Development, Production, Transportation, Refining and Distribution. The ability to process and analyze these massive amounts of data, delivers tremendous value to the operators on every sector in the value chain. It is critical in this phase of digital transformation era to have modern, agile, and fully scalable software and hardware infrastructure, to gain key insights from the data for successful operations. Recently, The Open Group OSDU Forum, comprised of 200+ organizations, emerged to enable the Energy industry to develop transformational technology to support the world’s changing Energy needs. The OSDU Data Platform provides a single data platform that liberates data from traditional silos and makes all data discoverable and usable.

IBM and Red Hat teamed up to deliver the only market-ready hybrid cloud implementation of the OSDU™ data platform, called IBM Open Data for Industries. The solution powers a unified operational experience based on the OSDU data platform across hybrid cloud or at the edge. Intel is collaborating with IBM and Red Hat to deliver a fully edge-to-hybrid-cloud OSDU enabled industry offering aimed at powering a unified environment to drive AI, accelerated data analytics, and high-performance computing (HPC). By leveraging AI-optimized Intel® Xeon® Processors with Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit and OpenVINO™ toolkit Operator, the industry can benefit from Intel’s performance optimizations built for OpenShift and IBM Cloud Pak for Data. For more details on this collaboration, please see this whitepaper:

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