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What Really Matters with AI Enterprise Solutions

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According to a report published by IDC today, 75% of enterprise applications will use AI by 2021. While data may be the “new oil,” the value of that data can only be realized when it is turned into actionable insights. Compute systems with the right AI technology, combined with memory and storage capabilities, will unlock limitless upside potential and help solve any given business problem for companies of any size.

To realize the transformative potential of AI, it is crucial that companies pursue technology solutions from companies with a complete AI strategy. This includes dedicated silicon technology, a robust software ecosystem focused on addressing real-world application performance and helping customers solve business challenges and ultimately realize the transformative potential of AI. Artificial intelligence requires all three for companies to monetize their data most effectively.

Enterprises are in need of technologies that help automate, accelerate and enhance important business processes. Because of the complexity of AI workloads, enterprises are looking for integrated AI functions that include things like:

  • CPUs with built-in AI accelerators that are targeted for demanding HPC, AI and advanced analytics workloads
  • Broad ecosystem adoption of acceleration technologies like DL Boost
  • Software optimization that can improve real-life tasks like financial modeling
  • Capabilities for addressing a broad range of applications and operating environments

Typical enterprise data is siloed and dirty, disorganized and varied, but with data generation growing faster than at any time in history - 25% CAGR driving 50% annual growth rate in demand for computing - customers want to be ensured that:

  • Their data can be rapidly accessed through technologies like persistent memory
  • Their data can be rapidly processed using AI
  • Their investments are as effective as possible

With this in mind, it’s critical that businesses deeply vet who they take on as partners to support the whole of their data-based processes, and choose providers that can help them truly become AI-first enterprises.

You can see the full IDC report (commissioned by Intel) embedded below. Also learn more about Intel’s AI strategy here.

You can see the full IDC report (commissioned by Intel) by clicking here

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