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Edge to Cloud at the Crossroad of Humanity and Technology

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In this episode of CXO Spice Talk, Intel's Global CTO of Financial Services Parviz Pieravi talks about thought leadership in the edge to cloud ecosystem, and how Intel can help their customers understand the dynamics of cloud to edge.

He also describes how Intel is building the infrastructure that supports computing capabilities and democratizes access to data and analytics to get to actionable insights. This allows small to mid-sized companies make the leap to edge and cloud to grow their business, minimize costs, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Finally, Parviz and Helen discuss the changes Intel has made from a strategic technology direction standpoint- from the recent investment of $40 billion in manufacturing to designing technology beyond CPU.

You can read more about Intel Edge to Cloud here.


About our experts

Parviz Peiravi is a Global CTO/Principal Engineer with Intel Corporation responsible for Financial Services Industry Enterprise solutions and design. Follow him on LinkedIn.

Helen Yu is an author and speaker with expertise in global customer-success and technology. Helen is a consultant to the largest technology companies in the world and is a board advisor to fast growth SaaS companies. Find her on LinkedIn and Twitter.