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Using Telemetry Data in Google Cloud Lift and Shift Migrations

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Wade Holmes, Manager of the Solution Group in Google Cloud VMware Solution shares his wisdom with CTO Advisor's Keith Townsend  around the use of telemetry data for migrating workloads to the public cloud using the lift and shift methodology.

Everyone is looking at ways to leverage hybrid infrastructures. Wade explains how Google tackles that issue with Intel using telemetry, allowing you to lift, shift and optimize your workloads.

Keith interviewed Wade during the CTO Advisor Road Trip visit to Austin, TX. The CTO Advisor Road Trip is about reconnecting the enterprise IT infrastructure community together through conversations with industry influencers, analysts, and IT vendor executives - sharing their experiences while pulling the CTO Advisor Flying Cloud Airstream across 9,000 miles and 15-cities. 

About our experts

Keith Townsend is Co-Founder and Principal Analyst at the CTO Advisor LLC. Keith has over 23-years of related experience designing and managing data center, and cloud infrastructures. You can follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn

Dr. Wade Holmes, CISSP is Google Cloud’s Security and Resilience Framework lead globally, helping enterprises with security modernization as they move to Google Cloud. Follow on LinkedIn and Twitter.