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Intel and Dassault Systemes extend their partnership to find more ways to benefit SOLIDWORKS users

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In modern day business environment, it has become critical for CAD professionals to be able to work with complex models and assemblies to accommodate for soaring demand for new products, new materials, new levels of efficiency, and sustainability of design and manufacturing process. In order to meet these challenges, both hardware and software companies are improving their products to meet the ever-expanding performance demands. To that end, engineers at Dassault Systemes and Intel are partnering to deliver better and more efficient solutions for many years.

Dassault Systemes has been a strategic software partner of Intel for many years and 2019 marked a significant milestone in such relationships when it was successfully extended to SOLIDWORKS technical team.

One of the first projects our teams will take on is improving the efficiency of CAD solutions when working with large models utilizing the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor family and Intel® Optane™ persistent memory.

Exploring frontlines for new and existing technologies

The Dassault Systemes and Intel engineering teams began working to find ways for SOLIDWORKS users to improve performance of the workflows using benefits of Intel Optane persistent memory and multi-threading. Intel Optane persistent memory is an innovative new technology that adds a tier in the memory hierarchy to provide a unique combination of affordable capacity and data persistence to fill the gap between memory-storage products available today.

Intel® Optane™ persistent memory diagram

Both teams believe that model loading time and format conversion elements of the workflow can benefit from the optimization of SOLIDWORKS multi-threaded Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

In addition, the teams are exploring how leveraging potential benefits of the high bandwidth scalable performance of Intel Optane persistent memory can increase the speed of design workflows. Intel Optane technology brings a cutting-edge memory and storage technology to power users. Intel Optane persistent memory is an innovative memory technology that delivers a unique combination of affordable large capacity, support for data persistence, and reliable high-performance for workstations.

Persistency as an efficiency improvement tool

Intel Optane persistent memory is a game-changing technology that is driving innovative thinking amongst the software developer community. The potential areas of application for this technology are huge, from building competitively priced memory pools that can be orders of magnitude larger than the maximum capacity of traditional DRAM, to providing memory persistency which can be used to store model assemblies and design changes.

Workstations with 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors support Intel Optane persistent memory.

Attendees of 3DEXPERIENCE WORLD 2020 in Nashville had a chance to see early results of prototyping of work done with Intel Optane persistent memory at the demo playground area and at the breakout sessions run by Intel and SOLIDWORKS technical teams.

What Intel and SOLIDWORKS teams have been able to achieve so far is only a first step of an expanding partnership between Dassault Systemes and Intel, engineers of both companies are working on multiple fronts to improve efficiency of design, engineering, and visualization tools developed by Dassault Systemes, we all brace for more exciting results which we believe are ahead of us.