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Intel’s Smart Edge Brings The Cloud To The Edge

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Off-the-shelf components have dramatically changed networking. While custom silicon is key to high-capacity core networking, the edge of the network is set to change. Why? Because a modern CPU has silicon features that accelerate network functions including packet processing and security. The days of all-custom hardware for network appliances is behind us.

In this episode of the Packet Pushers Heavy Networking show, we dive into recent Intel silicon announcements that are impacting how networking services will be delivered in the years to come. The conversation features Intel’s Jeni Panhorst, Vice President & General Manager, Network & Edge Platforms Division talking about recent Intel announcements at Mobile World Congress and what it means for networking at the edge.

The conversation covers:

  • The convergence of edge, cloud, 5G, and AI
  • What Intel means by “smart edge”
  • Intel’s recent vRAN announcements
  • Hardware processors for edge use cases
  • Intel’s efforts to support the developer community
  • More

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Jeni Panhorst  is a vice president in the Network & Edge Group and general manager of the Network & Edge Platforms Division at Intel. She leads the business responsible for delivering silicon, software, and platforms for network and edge computing infrastructure, driving transformation across wireline, wireless, cloud and enterprise networks. Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn

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