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OpenRAN Innovation with Intel and Vodafone

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In this episode of the Tomorrow's Tech Today vlog, Prof. Sally Eaves explores the future of network communications at the opening of a pioneering Digital Innovation R&D Lab with Intel’s Caroline Chan and Santiago ‘Yago’ Tenorio of Vodafone.

3 Pillars of Innovation take center stage in this episode:

  • The advancement of OpenRAN
  • The power of ecosystem partnership and the foundation of digital skills investment
  • The enablement of silicon as very much the ‘heart and soul’ of OpenRAN development in the EU and across the 5G network more broadly

To find out more from Intel about the Network Builders program discussed, please click here. Find out more about Intel's 5G portfolio from Cloud to Network to Edge, please click here. 

Tomorrow's Tech Today is a podcast dedicated bringing you the latest news, views and experiences in Technology, Talent and Transformational change. Weekly episodes feature an inspiring diversity of guests, and focus on the latest innovations in emergent technology integration across Cloud Computing, 5G, AI, Machine Learning, IoT and much more. 


About our featured experts:

Professor Sally Eaves is Senior Policy Advisor for the Global Foundation of Cyber Studies & Research and CEO of Aspirational Futures, which enhances inclusion and diversity in education and technology. Dr. Eaves is a highly experienced CTO, Professor in Advanced Technology and Global Strategic Advisor, Author and Speaker on Digital Transformation. Find her on LinkedIn here.

Caroline Chan is VP in the Network and Edge Group and general manager of the group’s Network Business Incubator Division at Intel Corporation. She works closely with cloud service providers and drives solutions that are enabled and accelerated by 5G capabilities such as AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Data Analytics, and others. Find here on LinkedIn here.

Santiago ‘Yago’ Tenorio is Fellow and Director of Network Architecture at Vodafone. His team delivers the Strategy and Architecture of the Fixed and Mobile Network. His mission is to lead the company into the Network as a Platform transformation, drive OpenRAN in the industry and shape the 5G evolution, including AI and Low Latency services. Find him on LinkedIn here.