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Spatial Intelligence and Edge to Cloud Computing: Transforming the Future of Retail

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In this video, tech influencer Ronald van Loon is joined by George Shaw of Pathr AI to discuss Spatial Intelligence.

What is spatial intelligence? What are the real-world applications of AI-powered spatial intelligence software? How does edge to cloud computing, powered by Intel, improve flexibility and scalability for retailers?

About our experts:

Ronald van Loon was named by Onalytica as the world's #1 influencer in Data and Analytics, Automation, and the Future Economy (Tech). Ronald is the CEO of Intelligent World and one of the top thought leaders in Data Science and Digital Transformation. Follow him on LinkedIn.

George Shaw, CEO and Founder of Pathr.ai, is an accomplished industry veteran working at the intersection of data and engineering. Shaw is a true innovator in the fields of spatial intelligence (coining the term), machine learning, artificial intelligence, and related technology solutions. Follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter.