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Why Enterprises Want 5G

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This episode of the Heavy Networking podcast dives in to why an enterprise might want its own private 5G network.

Wi-Fi is the common mechanism for mobile access, but it has drawbacks including dead zones, interference from physical structures or other RF signals, as well as latency and bandwidth challenges.

With private 5G, you can address coverage issues related to interference and distance, as well as provide greater capacity and reach, particularly for IoT devices. Private 5G can also enable better security control than Wi-Fi.

Listen in to hear the pros and cons of private 5G, examine use cases, unpack the hardware and software required to build and operate private 5G, and more.

About our experts

Bhupesh Agrawal is the Director of Product Marketing – Private Wireless Networks & Edge Computing at Intel. Follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Greg Ferro is the host of the Packet Pushers Podcast on data networking - now one of the largest networking podcasts on the Internet. Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.