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From artificial intelligence to edge, here's where to find the keynotes, technical sessions, panels and hands-on labs that showcase our contributions to the open ecosystem at Intel InnovatiON 2022.


Opening Keynote - Developing for Tomorrow Today: Open, Choice, Trust and Intel – CEO Pat Gelsinger -- Add the livestream to your calendar

Day 2 Keynote: Catalyzing an Ecosystem of Co-Innovation – CTO Greg Lavender – Add the livestream to your calendar

Open Source for Skeptics -- James Gosling, Distinguished Engineer, AWS

Accelerating Developer Innovation Through An Open Ecosystem -- Arun Gupta, Vice President and General Manager of Open Ecosystem Initiatives, Intel, hosts a panel of distinguished guests.


AI/ML sessions

Red Hat & Intel AI Solution, Neil Dey, AI Product Management Director, Intel, Michael St-Jean, Product Marketing Director, Hybrid Platforms, Red Hat

Enhancing your AI workflow with MLOps and automation, Yochay Ettun Ettun, CEO and Co-founder,

Accelerate Model Training and Inference Deployment with Hugging Face Transformers, Habana Gaudi and Intel Xeon Platforms, Sree Ganesan, Head of Software Product, Habana Labs; Qun Gao, Machine Learning Engineer, Intel; Julien Simon, Chief Evangelist, Hugging Face,

BigDL 2.0: Seamless Scaling of AI Pipelines from Laptops to Distributed Cluster, Guoqiong Song, AI Frameworks Engineer, Intel; Jennie Wang, AI Framework Engineer, Intel

"Overclocking" your AI software workload with OpenVINO™ and AI Frameworks, Raymond Lo, AI Software Evangelist, Intel; Preethi Venkatesh, AI Customer Engineering Manager, Intel

Beat the Odds of AI Success: Best Practices to Deploy Models Faster, Preethi Venkatesh, AI Customer Engineering Manager, Intel; Mo Nomeli, Senior Manager, Accenture


Client Sessions

The Future of Client Development, Rob Bruckner, Corporate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Client Platform and Silicon Architecture (CPSA), Intel; Daren Goeson, Ivanti; Aaryn Flynn, CEO, Inflexion Games


Data Center/Cloud Sessions

What’s new with Intel® Infrastructure Processing Units (Intel® IPUs), Nick Tausanovitch, Data Center Solutions Architect, Intel; Brad Burres, Intel Sr. Fellow, Network and Edge Group and NEX Chief HW Architect, EPG Architecture and Pathfinding, Intel

Architecting the Sustainable Data Center with Intel's Open IP Immersion Cooling Modular Reference Solutions, Nishi Ahuja, Intel Fellow, Cloud & Enterprise Solutions Group and Lead Cloud Architect, Intel, and panel

Accelerated Workload Development for Discrete Accelerators, Duncan Mackay, High-Level Design Product Marketing Manager, Intel, and panel

Optimize, Secure, Transform: Building the Next-Gen Cloud, Janet George, CVP and GM of Cloud & Enterprise Solutions Group, Intel, and a panel of distinguished guests


Innovation for the Future Sessions

Next-Gen Edge Services and Private 4G/5G Network Deployment, Ravi Iyer, Intel Fellow

Accelerating AI Performance for Transformer Models on Intel® Xeon® Platforms, Moshe Wasserblat, NLP Research manager , Intel

Neuromorphic Computing: Solving Large Scale Problems with Loihi 2 and Lava, Tim Shea, Research Scientist, Intel, Sumedh Risbud, Research Scientist, Intel Labs

Intel® Pathfinder for Risc-V*, Dalon Westergreen, Director of Product Management, Risc-V Ventures, Intel

Partnering with Intel Foundry Services (IFS) Ecosystem to Accelerate Today’s Innovation into Tomorrow’s Silicon, Gary Martz, Sr. Director Intel Foundry Services, RISC-V Enablement , Intel; Andrew Richards, CEO, Codeplay


Network and Edge Compute Sessions

Examples of Open Programmable Infrastructure (OPI) Using IPDK, Dan Daly, Software Architect in the Intel Connectivity Group, and Lead Architect for the End-to-End Network Applications Team, Intel; Paul Pindell, Principal Architect, F5; Anh Thu (N2) Vo, Distinguished Engineer, Marvell; Joseph White, Fellow/VP, Dell

Providing an Optimal Network Stack using the Cloud Native Data Plane (CNDP), Edwin Verplanke, Sr Principal Engineer, Intel; Keith Wiles, Principal Engineer, Intel

Optimizing Out of Band Device Management for business-critical digital devices in Consumer Facing Industries, Brian Teuscher, Strategic Software Product Owner, Intel; Matt Primrose, Solution Engineer, Intel

Software Defined Network Fabric as a Service, Carmelo Cascone, Cloud Software Development Engineer, Intel


Open Accelerated Computing Sessions

Java and Intel - Bringing the Latest Language and Intel Hardware Features to a JDK Near You, Sandhya Viswanathan, Principal Engineer, Intel; Bernard Traversat, VP of Engineering, Java Platform Group, Oracle

CUDA to Cross Vendor Standards Made Easy, Khang Nguyen, Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel; Karl Qi, Engineer, Intel; Rod Burns, VP Ecosystem, Codeplay Software

SYCL Basics – The Essential Open Gateway to Accelerated Computing, James Reinders, Engineer, Intel; Andrew Richards, CEO, Codeplay

Code Design and Optimization for Next Generation CPUs and Compute Accelerators with oneAPI Analysis Tools, Cory Levels, Software Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel; Xiao Zhu, Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel

Crack the Challenges of Serverless, jing Zhang, senior principal engineer, Intel

Next Generation Compiler Technologies for Cross-Architecture Computing, Steven Hikida, Vice President & General Manager, Compiler Engineering, Intel; James Brodman, Principal Engineer, Intel

Breakthroughs in Open, Real-Time Photoreal Graphics with Intel® Advanced Ray Tracing (Intel® ART) technology, Dave DeMarle, Graphics Engineer, Intel

Enhancing Visual Experiences in Cloud and Edge Computing, Sumit Mohan, Sr. Principal Engineer, Intel; William Cheung, Platform Solution Architect, Intel

Driving Toward Standard Web APIs for XPU Accelerated AI, Bryan Bernhart, Software Engineer, Intel


Security Sessions

Protecting High Value Assets in AI/ML based Inference Pipelines used in Edge Compute Use-Cases, Jody Booth, Silicon Architect, Intel

Automating Vulnerability Detection into Your Development Process, Ajit Joshi, Senior Director Of Engineering, Platform Security and Privacy, Intel; Amir Khatib Zadeh, Security Researcher, Intel


Spark Sessions

Siemens AG: Transforming the shop floor with Industrial Edge, Philipp Hess, Ecosystem Manager, Siemens AG; Martin Ober, Head of Product Portfolio Management Industrial Computing, Siemens AG


Sponsor Sessions

Red Hat: Accelerating App Modernization Initiatives: The Power of Three, Michael St-Jean, Product Marketing Director, Hybrid Platforms, Red Hat


Hands-on Labs

Accelerating Deep Learning Applications through Microsoft® AI Software stack on Intel Platforms​ (hands on lab)

Hunting Dinosaurs with Intel Accelerated Technologies (hands on lab)

Learn How To Run A Model on Intel® Movidius™ VPU Using OpenVINO™

Maximum Performance, Minimum Effort: Accelerate Heterogeneous Workloads with oneAPI - Live Tutorial / Ask The Expert (hands on lab)


Poster Chats

Expand your Academic Curriculum to New Heterogeneous Programming Concepts, Omar Toral, Educator Program for oneAPI WW Lead, Intel

Distributed Large-Scale Graph Training on Intel CPUs, Hesham Mostafa, Research scientist, Intel

SYCL and oneAPI for Open Heterogeneous Programming, James Reinders, Engineer, Intel

Sustainability and Software: Tools to Measure CO2 Footprint, Tamara Kneese, Director of Developer Engagement, Intel

SYCL Performance on non-Intel GPU Platforms, Thorsten Moeller, Product Manager, Intel

FPGA as a Service, Sheri Andrew, Product Line Manager, FPGA Platform Software, Intel

Computational Storage Research at Intel, Mike Mesnier, Principal Engineer, Intel Labs

Fine grained security controls for Cloud Native Service Mesh Data planes, Deepal Mehta, Market Development Manager, Intel

Infrastructure Programmer Development Kit (IPDK) Deep Dive, Dan Daly, Software Architect in the Intel Connectivity Group, and Lead Architect for the End-to-End Network Applications Team, Intel


Tool Shed

Stop by the Tool Shed in the Technology Showcase to chat with Open Source Evangelist Ezequiel Lanza about Intel’s involvement in open source projects, particularly in AI/ML. 

We'll also be hosting small group discussions or 1:1s on key developer topics and connect with experts during the two-day event. Check out the Braindate program to connect and discuss critical issues impacting developers and how they innovate for the future.


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Photo by Benyamin Bohlouli on Unsplash

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This is an impressive breadth of topics!  I can't wait to see some next week!