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Join us at the Open Source Summit Europe 2022

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They say Ireland is “the land of saints and scholars” so it makes sense for experts in cloud computing, security, containers, open data, and more to converge on the city of Dublin to share their knowledge and celebrate with a pint (or two) of Guinness. 

Intel is a Platinum sponsor of both the Open Source Summit Europe 2022 and Linux Plumbers Conference 2022.  Intel is also Principal sponsor of the Embedded Linux Conference and a dinner co-sponsor at the Linux Kernel Maintainer Summit. 

We hope to see you there! 

Here’s where to find us, in person and virtually: 


Panel Discussion: Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM)-based Virtualization Contributor Q&A 

Paolo Bonzini, Distinguished Engineer, Red Hat, Inc.; Christoffer Dall, Senior Principal Engineer, Arm; Will Deacon, Software Engineer, Google; Susie Li, Senior Software Engineering Director, Intel; Sean Christopherson, Software Engineer, Google; Kashyap Chamarthy, Senior Software Engineer Red Hat 

Keynote: The Future of Open Source is Trust 

Christopher 'CRob' Robinson, Director of Security Communications, Product Assurance & Security 

Cameras, DeviceTree and Advanced Configuration, and Power Interface: A Device-Driver Perspective 

Sakari Ailus, Software Engineer 

What Is the Big Deal with the Open Programmable Infrastructure Project? 

Michael Lynch, Senior Director, Cloud Networking Solutions; Yan Fisher, Global Evangelist, Red Hat 

Why You Need to Think and Act Like an Editor 

Nicole Martinelli, Editorial Director, 

Accelerate the Image Distribution for DADI Using Intel DSA (Virtual) 

Haibin Huang, Cloud Software Engineer, Intel; Chen Bo, Software Engineer, Alibaba 


Chat with our team and grab some swag! Find us in the Expo Hall at booth P2 and check out demos featuring: 

Zephyr* on RISC-V* – Intel® Nios®  V RTOS Enablement 

  • We’re enabling Zephyr and other RTOS running on the Intel Nios V family of processors for FPGA, which are based on the opensource RISC-V ISA. You can download the free Intel® Quartus® Prime Lite Edition software for a taste of FPGA programming on Intel platforms or upgrade to the Pro Edition for access to the Nios® V model.   

Enhanced Rendering with Intel® Open PGL

  • We recently announced the latest library from the Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit – Open Path Guiding Library or Open PGL, which improves the performance of rendering applications for the challenging problems with global illumination, volumetrics, and caustics.    If you feel daring, you can try out early builds of Blender with this integration, and bring your swimming pool renders to life. 

Accelerated Web-based Intelligent Collaboration 

  • Do you want better control over what others see and hear when in video calls in dense and noisy spaces?  We'll demo the various approaches to web-based intelligent collaboration features (object segmentation, noise cancellation) and how Intel provides various methods to accelerate machine learning on the web with on-device hardware such as Intel CPU, GPU, or purpose-built AI accelerators like Intel VPU (Wasm, WebGL, WebNN) and how you can use these same methods in your apps. 

Cloud Native demos 

  • Predictable Network Traffic for Cloud Native Applications - Find out how Application Device Queues (ADQ) can address the issues of predictability, latency, and throughput for the scale out of applications. This technology is implemented as a Kubernetes plugin, planned to be up streamed in early September 2022.   
  • A Sustainable Future with Kubernetes Power Manager - Save power and wear on your cores. Learn how to use the Kubernetes* Power Manager to bridge the gap between the container orchestration layer and power features by tuning the frequencies and setting the priority level of the cores within your containers. 

Follow us on Twitter for updates. Did you miss one of our sessions? We’ll post recordings of the talks to our YouTube channel; subscribe and stay tuned for updates!


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Sonia Goldsby brings over a decade of experience in event planning, open source program and project management to Intel. Her focus at Intel is leading marketing initiatives and driving cross-functional open source events. She enjoys spending time with family and traveling. 



Photo by Gabriel Ramos on Unsplash