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Business Models are Changing – Are You Open to Innovation?

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“We are witnessing a once-in-a-generation shift in the global economy, and partnerships play a leading role. Most business leaders across every industry, of all size firms, and in every corner of the world are considering significant business model shifts. They are realizing that they can't do it alone in the decade of the ecosystem.” Jay McBain

You might think I talk a lot about change … and I do. It’s because the world is undergoing tremendous shifts. The companies that succeed and grow are the ones that can adjust their businesses to the ever-changing landscape.

Making these shifts effectively can’t be a solo effort. Today’s business is a team sport – and we need a wide range of special teams players to deliver on the increasingly complex solutions that today’s businesses require.

It was clear during our recent Intel Vision event the world is ever-changing, complicated and intertwined so we need collaboration across the entire technology ecosystem. We need software, hardware and services working seamlessly together. And that collaboration is only possible if we are open, transparent and trusted. If you didn’t join us live or in person, you can sign in to hear on-demand sessions.

Are You Open to Change?

If there’s a common frustration among businesses today, it’s vendor lock in. A company puts a new system in place, it’s working well in the beginning but as businesses grow and evolve, they realize the current solution no longer meets their needs.

The time comes to change to another solution and they realize they’re locked in with two main choices:

  • Abandon the solution and start fresh
  • Spend budget and time to migrate (which we know is never easy)

Neither solution is ideal, and it leaves our end user customers frustrated because they feel they’re throwing good money to get out of a situation that was no longer working for them.

It’s Time to Open Up

The next wave of business opportunities will “open”.

Open standards establish protocols and building blocks that can help make applications more functional and interoperable. This not only streamlines product development, but it also removes vendor-imposed boundaries – in other words, eliminates frustrating vendor lock in.

Our commitment to open ecosystems and standards is nothing new.

“At the dawn of the Information Age, enterprise, academia and government collaborated, building upon one another’s discoveries to create the foundations so pivotal to our world today: personal computing, the internet, the networks that make us a global society. There were healthy rivalries, but the ecosystem was open.” Pat Gelsinger.

Competition is good for business, but handcuffing companies to work only with a single vendor because proprietary technology prevents collaboration and connectivity, which hampers future growth and expansion.

Open Standards: Part of our DNA

Intel worked to establish standards for USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, as well as all the APIs that enabled them. And, we have invested in helping the industry move away from the proprietary systems powering AI to open the next frontier in open computing and systems. We want to deliver a simpler, faster, and more cost-effective for everyone to infuse AI into their apps, everywhere that computing takes place, open systems have an important role to play in getting us there.

“Innovation thrives in an open, democratized environment where people can connect, communicate, and respond together to new stimuli.” Pat Gelsinger

We’ve made a commitment to being open. And for our ecosystem partners, it will help you more rapidly develop and monetize products. When you do that, you continue to accelerate innovation which will allow us to deliver new solution to some of the most challenging business problems.

“We are witnessing a once-in-a-generation shift in the global economy, and partnerships play a leading role.” McBain

Are you ready to lead the way?

World’s More Complex Than Ever

It can be tempting to talk about solutions when really you’re selling a single product. Today’s businesses have so many interconnected parts and interdependencies that focusing on a product even a very robust one, is limiting.

We need to look at the big picture and take a more wholistic view of the challenge so we can design the right solution – and more often than not, that will mean you need to partner with other products, services, hardware, cloud, and software to deliver the complete solution.

Gartner analyst Hank Barnes talks about what it takes to deliver a whole product. It’s a wide ecosystem but he notes that “when we start to think about whole product, new opportunities emerge.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Listen In for More

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with CRN and chat about the role of open systems to delivering the complex solutions that have the potential to fundamentally change the world and enrich the lives of everyone on the planet. You can listen in here.

I’m open to the opportunities and new collaborations ahead. Who’s with me?

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Jason Kimrey is Vice President of US Channel and Partner Programs