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Engineering in a Responsible World

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The IEEE Conference on Technologies for Sustainability brings together scientists, engineers, technologists and scholars from multiple disciplines to hold a dialogue on environmental issues and collaborate on ideas to develop and utilize innovative tools and intelligent systems to address the need for Sustainable Infrastructure. Attendees learn about the emerging technologies, latest tools, and proactive solutions to take their sustainability programs to the next level.

Jennifer Huffstetler presented the Keynote address Engineering in a Responsible World for the 2022 IEEE SusTech Conference. In it she describes Intel's 30 year journey of forging a path to Sustainable Computing, quietly setting the pace and standards for the industry. She talks about the company's historical sustainability efforts, the new commitment to Net-Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040, and our comprehensive corporate social responsibility program.

The impact of climate change is an urgent global threat and protecting the planet demands innovative thinking and immediate action. Engineers have a unique opportunity to reimagine technologies and create disruptive solutions with sustainability in mind.

Watch the entire keynote address below.

About our expert

Jennifer Huffstetler is a Vice President and General Manager of Future Platform Strategy and Product Sustainability at Intel.  She is responsible for driving the integration and execution of the corporate-wide Intel Platform technologies and business strategies to drive future growth and corporate level product strategy and action for Sustainability. Find her on LinkedIn and Twitter