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Sapphire NOW and Digital Transformation

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This is an exciting year for Intel at Sapphire NOW. Unlike previous years, Intel is expanding its focus to help lines of business across various industries to meet the demands of compute, network and storage by providing solutions that accelerate their transformation to an intelligent enterprise.

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All Eyes Are on Digital Transformation: Will Your Business Be Upstaged?

For many companies, the year 2020 exposed large technology gaps in sprawling IT infrastructures. Others discovered significant technology shortcomings and found that their IT stacks weren’t leveraging some of their most valuable resources: data.

The relationship between data, digitalization, and resiliency is becoming more complex. But the significance of this relationship has never been clearer – for businesses to succeed in an era of uncertainty, they need accurate data insights, which businesses can only access and use with the right digital technology. At the same time, the sheer volume of data continues to grow, no matter the business or industry. The demand for compute, network, and storage is increasing at a dramatic rate.

Your business can harness the potential of your data and navigate through our uncertain and fast-paced times with innovative hardware and software technologies by your side. Intel, together with its global partners including SAP, makes a compelling case as to how.

The digitally transformed create business value, adapt to growing complexities, and scale for success.

Mercy, a reginal healthcare system based in the United States, has long relied on an analytics system based on SAP solutions and Intel technology. The organization originally used this system to answer questions about how well cardiology patients responded to certain treatments and medical devices. But as COVID-19 began to spread, Mercy knew it had a ready-made system that could meet its needs amid what quickly grew into a global pandemic.

Mercy used the SAP HANA database running on servers equipped with Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, Intel® Optane™ persistent memory, and Intel® Ethernet 700 Series Network Adapters for scalability, flexibility and performance to enable data-driven answers, allowing them to track the spread of the virus and determine when infections would peak. Most notably, the technology helped Mercy find out what effects the peaks and surges would have on Mercy’s resources. These findings empowered the organization to plan early and make strategic decisions based on data, which proved invaluable as resources and supplies became scarce.

With SAP HANA, Mercy turned raw, unstructured data into actionable insights. Intel technologies provided the support SAP HANA needed to run. Together, they enabled Mercy to support the people and patients in its communities amid a time of great challenge. Mercy is now poised to quickly shift and adapt its technology to meet its needs as markets change and new disruptions emerge. This ability is deeply representative of what’s so important about digital technology today.

The disrupted can become the disruptors.

Your business may not have been prepared for the past year of disruption, and that’s OK. You’re still here, after all. But there’s no telling whether any business will be able to weather the storm of the next great disruption. That’s why companies are increasingly looking to the promise of digital transformation – and data – in creating business resilience. In fact, according to Gartner, 69% of boards have accelerated their digital initiatives in the past year. Leaders are focused on preparing for what comes next with digital transformation, even if they don’t know what that “next” is yet.

In fact, many businesses are turning to SAP solutions and Intel technology to empower themselves with the ability to disrupt. Right now, businesses are launching or finally completing their digital transformation programs even as the world remains disrupted and so full of challenge. SAP solutions and Intel technologies are readily integrated thanks to a partnership between SAP and Intel. In fact, companies that deploy industry cloud solutions from SAP, as well as the RISE with SAP package that is standardized on Intel Xeon Scalable processors, can take advantage of:

  • Better total cost of ownership

  • Greater value from the cloud

  • Simplified business transformation

  • Trusted reliability and predictability of performance

Experience the combined power of SAP solutions and Intel technologies and prepare your business now for disruptions to come tomorrow.

Hear from Intel’s Jermey, Yali, and Wenxin at SAP SAPPHIRE NOW conference and explore our industry solutions in the Intel resources for supply chain, public sector, healthcare and financial services.

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