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We’re at a pivotal moment in history

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There can be no denying that the proliferation of cloud, increasing number of applications leveraging AI, demand for 5G’s high bandwidth, low latency network and the push towards compute at the edge has created an inflection point.

But while we talk about these trends individually, have you ever thought about just how big an impact these technologies are having on both business and our personal lives?

“The confluence of these trends is leading to the biggest and the fastest build out of computing in human history.” Navin Shenoy, EVP and GM Data Platform Group, Intel

The Struggle is Real

For me, Navin’s statement about the speed and scale of the build of computing can’t be ignored. In fact, when I hear the words “fastest” and “biggest”, it illustrates the monumental scale of change we are living through.

The magnitude and pace of change is also at the heart of the challenges being faced by our customers. Companies are in a tug of war as they balance immediate demands and future flexibility. It’s no wonder we often hear customers admit that they are struggling to keep up and need help prioritizing IT projects and strategies.

Few companies can do it all. At the same time, business leaders need to know that the decisions they make today, will allow them to pivot as market forces continue to shift rapidly.

As partners in the IT ecosystem, our role to help guide our customers as trusted advisors has never been more critical.

The Future is Flexible

All of these factors – speed, scale and rate of change are cornerstones of our IT strategy at Intel too.

When we launched 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors last week, we talked a great deal about the importance of providing businesses with a flexible, performance platform. We recognize that the future requires an incredible level of flexibility so we can shift and pivot on a dime. At the same time, we are dealing workload demands are increasing, requiring new ways of networking and performance so we can move faster, store more and process everything.

And did I mention that we’re facing all these things in a landscape where threat actors are continuing to seek out and exploit vulnerabilities? New 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors include advanced security capabilities to protect data and application code with Intel® Software Guard and Intel® Crypto Acceleration, so businesses can run encryption-intensive applications without impacting performance or response times for users.

We know there have been tectonic shifts in what the IT ecosystem looks like, and we know IT infrastructure and data centers of tomorrow will look nothing like the ones we are used to. In fact, Gartner projects 75% of data will be generated outside of a core data center by 2025. We need platforms to support this more distributed environment.

At the same time, data demands are increasing exponentially, over 80% of emerging technologies today have AI foundations. The growth of devices at the edge collecting data that needs to be analyzed is just one of the reasons we need to push processing closer to where data is generated – and that’s why the intelligent edge is becoming so important.

Understanding X

We all remember math exercises from our childhood. We’d be asked to figure out the answer from a range of equations as we looked to solve for X.

Today’s business world is exactly like that. We all have different challenges keeping us up at night. As IT partners, we can help businesses understand their X, or their problems, and then work to tailor the solutions that solve for their specific X … while keeping an eye to the future so today’s solution are flexible enough to adapt to the unknown of tomorrow.

I’ve talked before out how the pandemic has changed the way we sell. We are communicating more, and, I know from my perspective, we have had to listen more attentively. When you aren’t face to face or meeting in person, you need to ask more questions, listen for what’s not being said, to make sure you understand the root of the issues before trying to solve them.

Opportunities Abound

“This is a pivotal moment in history. Never before have we faced many global challenges, that affect everyone on earth, and at the same time had so much opportunity.” Navin Shenoy

It is an exciting time to be part of the technology industry, discovering new ways to use the power of data to solve for our own X using innovative technology and close collaborations to make it happen.

In the words of our CEO, Pat Gelsinger:

“These are truly exciting times ahead for our industry … I am confident we can help our customers navigate today’s landscape of tremendous change and together, build world-changing technology that touches every human on the planet.”

If you didn’t have a change to take part in the launch, I would encourage you to watch the replay and hear first-hand how wonderful is getting done.

And, don’t forget you’ll have another chance to hear more about the latest trends, and how, together, we are helping businesses solve their most complex challenges at Virtual Intel Partner Connect on April 22nd.
About the Author
Jason Kimrey is Vice President of US Channel and Partner Programs